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Happy Monday: Goosebumps and Goodnight Moon

Happy Monday my friend. It's Memorial day here in the USA, which is actually a very somber occasion dedicated to fallen soldiers, but mostly we celebrate it with grilled meat and gardening. Hashtag: MERICA After an epic day of weeding and BBQ yesterday, it's now pouring rain and I'm feeling a little relieved to have a valid excuse to stay indoors and catch up on all the … Read More.


Scrunch Shibori

Contrary to popular belief, Scrunch Shibori is not the name of the hipster gas station attendant who sells poems about his goat; it's what you can do with a nifty die kit and a duvet. Want to make one? Yeah. You do! … Read More.


Hands Down, the Best House Paint I Have Ever Used

Welp. I did it. I painted my living room black. Okay, almost black. In my heart I wanted navy blue but the sample looked horrible in the space (I might even get rid of blue stuff in the room in general -- it just doesn't play well with others in here). I tried out a few swatches, but this was the clear winner and I'm delighted! In the can it looks like a true gray, … Read More.


Adventures in Chain Link

I have a strange affection for chain link fences. Cyclone fences, as some folks call them. Some of my west-coast friends think they are horribly outdated, but they … Read More.

3 - Dress up you mail - Makewells

A Royal Weekend (for crafts)

Today is a great day, for not only was the Duchess of Cambridge delivered of a daughter today, the world was delivered of a Lolabelle. Happy birthday, Lola! … Read More.

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Custom Collage Frames

As part of the summer celebrations campaign, Michael's asked me to put together a Father's Day project for kids of all ages. Something that families … Read More.


Three Things on Friday

Happy Friday everybody! I'm going to be honest. It’s been a goat rodeo around here and I’m still catching up. In addition to the regular drill, for … Read More.


Extreme Plastic Bottle Art

You know that cartoon where Donald Duck is walking down the street eating an ice cream cone and he’s happy and feeling pretty good then Goofy or some … Read More.