29 July 2014

So. This thing happened wherein the Queen Latifah Show asked me to make some stuff.



Okay. I'm going to calm down now.

Where to begin? Twenty some years ago, 1993 to be specific, sitting on the floor of a friend's bedroom, eating Cheetos, prank calling boys we liked, we briefly interrupted our shenanigans to turn on MTV in hopes of catching the video for Bryan Adam's (Everything I Do) I Do It For You. Because we were classy like that and the video featured a sexy Kevin Costner before he got weird. Sadly, we just missed Bryan Adams, but the closing was immediately followed with something new. Something...unfamiliar. A few melodic moments of a solo saxophone followed by the thunderous boom of a woman yelling, "WHO YOU CALLING A BITCH?"
...and thus began my love affair with Queen Latifah.

She's an actress, an author, a rapper, musician, activist, business mogul, and all-around Bad Ass. Did you know she signed her first recording contact at 17? Did you know she managed the careers of Outcast, LL Cool J, and Naughty By Nature? Did you know she now has a talk show and it's pretty awesome?

QueenLatifah.com has clips of past shows, as well as some great articles and resources for all kinds of other things. My first post went up today and it's a quick collection of summer tips and tricks. Helpful ways to beat the heat! I made all the photos real tasteful and did not include any shots of glitter and/or cats and/or glitter cats. So you should be proud of me on that front. I hope to have a DIY post going up soon, so o we'll see if I can get some glitter in there. In the meantime, pop on over to Queen Latifah.com and see what's shakin!



Front Porch Makeover for Under $100

There were grand plans to strip, sand, and paint the porch in the spring...but then spring turned to summer and “strip, sand, paint the porch” turned into “let’s buy cheap furniture at Goodwill and spray paint it yellow.”

Story of my life.

The swing was from the people who used to live here but it was past due for a coat of paint too, and as with most things in life, when in doubt, I go for red. The three chairs came from Goodwill, marked three for $15. How was I to pass on that?

28 July 2014

Things and Doings: July 2014

Normally I try to do a short format "Things and Doings" mid-month, every month, but I am behind on so much these days and it's been a while since we caught up, so how about a tumble through the house and see what is going on. K? K!

To the best of my knowledge, Hell has not frozen over, and yet, I cleaned my studio space. Where? What? How can this be?

FYI, if you ever wondered, this is normally where my arts and crafts supplies work on their fitness. You will rarely see it is it tends to get messy with computers and paper and stuff that doesn't play well with glitter.

26 July 2014

Happy Weekend

Happy Saturday, Sweetums!

It's been a busy week for me, although you would not know it by my lack of posts...

Some exciting blog developments on front side (you'll see those soon), and some not so exciting developments on the backside (like nearly losing my domain, ripping my hair out, a little crying, and extensive time on the phone w sketchy Eastern European men. It's all good now, but word to the wise, do not set your domain to auto-renew on credit card without noting the expiration date). Throw in a couple of emergency trips to the vet with Lola (all good too) and wrapping up my day job (getting good soon), and I'm excited for the weekend.


I'll tell you something: Nobody does ruffled crop tops like Ann-Margret in Bye Bye Birdie. Nobody. 

Onward and upward, y'all. Happy weekend!

22 July 2014

Successful Tie Dye - a first!

Remember a year ago when I attempted to reverse bleach die my curtains dark blue and everything tasted like pool water for days? Yeah. This is not that.

Remember when I tried to tie dye my bedspread shibori inky dark blue and it came out looking like Finding Nemo blue? Yeah. This is not that either.

This is the first, best, and easily the most successful venture into tie dye I have ever had. Check it!

Boom. Now that's what I call a duvet. It's rad and bohemian and interesting and earthy...and yet totally does not look like I'm living as a Phish roadie. (although, no judgements on that front).

Even my cat loves it, and she doesn't like anything.

Now that's it's been recommended by Lola, you need to go check it out for yourself. Head on over to ILoveToCreate!

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