Decorative Trays From Duct Tape and Box Lids

I don't know that there isn't a problem that a good accent tray can't fix. Got a jumble of crap on your nightstand? Put it in a tray.  Crap on your dining table makes your place look perpetually messy? Let a tray take care of it.  Conflict in the Middle East got you scared? Nope. Trays can't help with that. But they try real hard! Things is, even for hard-core … Read More.

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The Mailman Cometh

Well folks, it has been an exciting week for my mailbox. Between the usual parade of political pamphlets, polar fleece catalogs and cat charity solicitations, came a … Read More.

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10 Minute Drum Shades

It appears that I’m going through an anti-curtain phase. A year ago I thought extra tall patterned curtains were the best thing on the planet, but now I’d be happy … Read More.

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Mercury Retrograde

  Want to see an impressive eye roll? Start talking to me about astrology. Look, I know Yoko Ono won’t get her hair cut unless the stars are aligned in her favor, and that is a valid opinion, but I do not share it. Not even for Yoko. Not long … Read More.


Sparkle Tooth Alert: Collage Clay Crystal Skull

Two things I can never get enough of: frosting and rhinestone skulls. I needed something to coordinate with my Liberace gourds, naturally, and since sugar skulls are all the rage, this needed to happen. He's out on the bookshelf now but I'm thinking he … Read More.