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Happy Monday: Gambling Valentines

Happy Monday Y'all. Did you survive Snowzilla? Thought so. Hay. New game for you: Google your first name immediately followed by "glamour shot" and see what comes up then share the first image on social media. Dare you! You're welcome. Note. If the first one is bad but not not real-bad just somebodys-mom-wore-too-much-makeup-in-the-90s-bad, you can pick from the first … Read More.

e hook key fob

Personalized Key Hook

The folks at Michael's asked me to take a look at their new Make Market line and pick something to personalize. So that was hard. I mean, craft shopping for fun? *YAWN. *Snoopy dance. The idea was to pick something that I could dress up, but I liked the product line so much I didn't want to mess with it to much. So what did I do? I make something decorative … Read More.

pom pom lampshade

Quick and Easy Pompom Lampshade

One of these days I get tired of pompoms. Is it today? NOT LIKELY. One of my goals for 2016 is to quit taking my phone to bed. It's so bad for you, but I have become so dependent on it. It's the last thing I see before I go to bed, and the first thing I see when I wake up. That is sooooo not how I want o start my day! Anyway. Getting past this means giving myself an … Read More.


Valentine Swap 2016

Update: Entrance to the annual valentine swap is now closed. Thank you to everyone who filled out the form - as of Feb 2nd, all addresses have been collected, … Read More.


Retro Yarn Art

My Christmas yarn binge is carrying into the new year with vengeance. Perhaps is the giant spools of cotton and wool staring at me, begging for purpose. Not sure, … Read More.


Organizing in the New Year

Happy New Year! It's January 1 and like half the people I know, I am pledging to resolve to be more organized. I also resolved to live healthier but then I woke … Read More.


Aluminum Gift Tags

Well folks, this may go down as The December That Kicked My Butt. The week before Christmas is usually when I am at my most creative and productive and tinsel … Read More.

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Happy Monday: Jingle Jangle

Well folks, we are less than two weeks from Christmas and I am operating like it's October. Plenty of time to procrastinate, right? This is usually my … Read More.

mini tree centerpiece

Christmas in a Box

I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes everyone love a good DIY project. A long time ago I worked with a woman who made fun of me for … Read More.


Metallic Leaf Love

Turkey day is nearly here, huzzah! As someone who has never been big on football, one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to keep busy with easy … Read More.


Thankful Tree

I don't know anyone who hates Thanksgiving. I know plenty of people who hate Valentines, Halloween, and even a few who are fed up with Christmas...but … Read More.