02 September 2014

Wonder Woman

Today is the day after Labor Day, which in my day, was always the first day of the new school year. Coincidently, it is my first day of self-employment.

It is now 6:30am, and traditionally, right about now, I'd be getting ready to go to work after a long weekend. But today I sit here at my desk, typing away for a few minutes before tackling my to-do list. Somehow I thought being my own boss would mean more time to do the things I want to do, but instead, it means scrambling to do twice as much. No work = no money. Funny how that working thing works. It's not like graphic design is saving lives, but it pays my bills and feeds the cat. And you don't want to be around my cat when she is hungry. It ain't pretty.

As with all new beginnings, some things change. A lot of things are going to change. One of them is this blog. I'll tell you something: two years ago I made the decision to make things around here a little less personal, because 1. It really sucked to get negative feedback on stuff I made or thought or said that came from a personal place, and 2. I got some bad advice from someone who told me I would attract more readers if I catered my content to appeal to the lowest common-denomiator.

Lessons on that: 1. People who are the most anxious to give advice are usually the least qualified to give it, and 2. Who the hell cares?

28 August 2014

I'm closing down at my last week of work. Woot! I'm feeling a little bit nostalgic today, and seeing as it is Throwback Thursday, let's throwback to a year ago this week, to my friends John and Noeleen's wedding.

Noeleen and I have a lengthy history sorting out event nametags and seating assignments, so it was appropriate that I helped her out with her seating card table. Do you recognize where these came from?
Paintchips. Over 80 shades of coral and pink - her wedding colors. This concept was loosly based on this yellow art piece featuring 1,200 names for yellow I made several years back (more throwback!)...AND it harkens forward to the art piece we made last month for John and Noeleen's living room (you can see that over at Queen Latifah).

For the base, I just double stick taped a couple of pieces of white foam board, then ran around the edges with some striped washi tape. Dressmaker pins, a gold Sharpie, and desktop easel and whamo: an awesome seating card display for under $10. Not bad.

Happy anniversary to John and Noeleen!

26 August 2014

Things and Doings: August 2014

Ingrid | Canon Rebel (my old one - it's a work horse) | Sanuk Sandals | Key & Peele (thanks Heather!)

And just because it's back to school season, let's say hey to the substitute teacher:

Insubordinate. And churlish.

25 August 2014

DIY Dry Erase Board

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Office Depot, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirestudents http://my-disclosur.es/OBsst

Some women are crazy about shoes; I'm all about the school supplies. Give me a pencil sharpener and a box of crayons and I'll show you a happy girl!

Granted, I don't have kids to send off to school, and it's been a while since I have been in a classroom, but, I am in the middle of starting my own business. This means late nights, lots of paperwork, and a few emergency trips to Office Max. So what if I was looking for an external hard rive? Did you see the pen situation up in here?

Crazy pants.

22 August 2014

Five Minute Tassel Necklaces

Ways in Which Tassels are Rad by Aunt Peaches.

Tassels are rad because of lots of the following reasons. Ahem:

1. Tassels look very cool.
2. Your cat will think they are toys.
3. Tassels make your outfit look ethnic and bohemian enough to be interesting, but not so ethnic and bohemian you look like you work at the Renaissance Faire.
4. Tassles are Pom-Pom's big sister, so that's pretty neat.
5. Tassels look good on doorknobs.
6. Tassels are easy to make. Even for kids. Or people who say they are "all thumbs." Because people with hands full of thumbs deserve cute jewelry too.

The End.

....actually, not the end. Actually there is a lot more. This is a huge post. Keep going!
That thing took five minutes to make. No, really. Five.

This one took a bit longer. Maybe 20 minutes. Half an episode of True Blood. That means I got a cool necklace in half the time it took to kill a vampire. Epic winning.

When Blitsy contacted me about making something featuring their awesome craft supplies, I thought this one was a no-brainer. Literally, you don't have to think about it. You just get some embroidery floss and go to town.

The secret here is the embroidery floss. You buy it in these teensy candy colored bundles. Or, if you are like me, you buy it in a not-so-teensy jumbo pack and supply yourself for a year of tassel making (listen, I don't mess around. Christmas is coming and the tassel situation is about to get real).

I'm going to split the instructions on this depending of how custom you want to make it.
Let's start with level one; a jumbo two tone tassel of goodness.

What do you need?
Two loops of embroidery floss and a plain bead necklace (salvaged from the back of your jewelry box, or make one custom), and your sharpest pair of scissors. Now let's get started!
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