Sparkle Tooth Alert: Collage Clay Crystal Skull

Two things I can never get enough of: frosting and rhinestone skulls. I needed something to coordinate with my Liberace gourds, naturally, and since sugar skulls are all the rage, this needed to happen. He's out on the bookshelf now but I'm thinking he may need to stay out year round. Nothing says Christmas like a crystal skull! I must give credit where credit is due … Read More.

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Featured Story


Pimp My Gourd

Now is as good of a time as any to tell you that I watch ice dancers on youtube late at night and sometimes I get really angry that they are not wearing enough … Read More.

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No-Sew Flying Spaghetti Monster

Know what's cuter than a cute dog? A cute dog dressed like spaghetti. Yup. It's happening.  Kiki's dog Abraham is one of those dogs that never stops moving. I think it's a terrier thing. Jumping, dancing, hugging, wiggling, kissing the mailman, … Read More.


Patchwork Pumpkins with Oil Pastels

Reasons I don't carve pumpkins: 1. Smell.  2. Slime.  3. Smell. 4. Ewww. Did I mention I don't carve pumpkins? Yeah. No. It's not happening. As much as I admire those who brave the pumpkin slaughter in a decorative fashion, I'm not doing it. That … Read More.


Happy Monday: Who runs the world? Girls.

White pumpkin + black Sharpie = something awesome for owl lovers. Speaking of cool stuff with pens...do you ever get jealous of people who always have these impressive and elaborate doodles? Yeah. Look into these tangle patterns. You can be one of those … Read More.