22 July 2014

Successful Tie Dye - a first!

Remember a year ago when I attempted to reverse bleach die my curtains dark blue and everything tasted like pool water for days? Yeah. This is not that.

Remember when I tried to tie dye my bedspread shibori inky dark blue and it came out looking like Finding Nemo blue? Yeah. This is not that either.

This is the first, best, and easily the most successful venture into tie dye I have ever had. Check it!

Boom. Now that's what I call a duvet. It's rad and bohemian and interesting and earthy...and yet totally does not look like I'm living as a Phish roadie. (although, no judgements on that front).

Even my cat loves it, and she doesn't like anything.

Now that's it's been recommended by Lola, you need to go check it out for yourself. Head on over to ILoveToCreate!

17 July 2014

Map Time

Today's post falls under the category of Nifty Crap The Internet Found For Me.

But this one is really cool. Do you see this? What's this?

It's my hometown. I just ran an address search over here at Stamen, clicked on the yellow arrow next to "water color" and now I have an areal view done up all fancy.

You can zoom in, zoom out, just like you are searching a traffic map. You could do a map of where you were born, or where your cat was born, then hang it on a wall and everyone will think it's abstract and you are all cerebral and stuff.

Look. Here is London.
I see London, I see France, I see...

Oh crap.

Now I have to go make a map of France.

15 July 2014

Burlap Canvas Jewelry Organizer

Something about burlap makes me want to wear rhinestones.

That’s probably pretty odd considering burlap is intended as something to hedge a garden or transport potatoes, but who am I to fight a winning combo? Sometimes opposites attract. It’s a good thing. Okay, it’s not always a good thing (remember when Lance Armstrong was dating an Olsen twin and everyone was all I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS, MICHELLE TANNER)...yeah not like that. This is more like pretzels and ice cream. Stripes and florals. Contrast. In this case, the contrast between the scratchy burlap and the sparkly jewelry is a winner.

Burlap + Sparklies 4EVUR! 

This project is brought to you courtesy of Michael’s Raw Bar, a new line of products made of materials inspired by nature; burlap, cork, chalk board, wood, metal and canvas. Rough surfaces that make a great base layer for all sorts of craft projects. Raw products will officially launch in Michael’s stores August 8.

Part of the Raw line is a selection of burlap canvases in a variety of sizes, everything from teeny tiny to extra large. Part of me wants to buy ten of them and grid them up as a headboard, but for now I'll keep it small and dainty. A dainty place to hang my sparkles.

Want to make one for yourself? Let’s go!

11 July 2014

Nice Lady

Dear Nice Lady Sitting In Front of Me on the 5:35pm Metra Commuter Train,

Hi. I'm the one sitting in the row behind you pretending to be listening to my earbuds but I'm not because I'm a creepy and listening to you. Haaay!

I see you are here with your daughter. Gosh, you guys look great. You are both dressed tastefully and I can tell from your ticket stub that you live in a nice area of town. She's probably, what, 13? Based on your conversation it appears that you just took her to work today, and now that you are on your way home, you are regaling your day and explaining to her why it's important to be respectful and considerate toward others in the workplace. Rawwwk, so cool. Nice Lady, you are a power mom. Go you!

Right now you are telling her how hard it was for you to get your job, and how thankful you are to spend your days with such nice people. And even for a squirmy 13-year-old,  she is paying attention to you. She is listening to every word. Not once has she reached for a mobile device. Impressive. A couple minutes ago I wanted to toss confetti when she said "Thank you, Sir." to the train conductor when he came around to punch tickets, even though you didn't even bother to look up at him. She knew what to do. That girl of yours, she is On The Ball. I can tell. You are clearly doing this parenting thing right. Kudos, Nice Lady, Kudos.

Thing is, a second ago, when you were talking about your job and all, and what you had to do to get it, I heard you say something to your daughter. You said, "You have to learn to think like a man or no one will take you seriously."


Whoa. Nice Lady, WTF was that about?

I'm probably not the best person to explain this to you from my current state of forlorness and anger towards you, so here, let's borrow some wisdom from Tumblr:

And here is another one. And, actually, this one is an ad, which you will get a kick out of because I saw from your outgoing email address on your phone (yeah I'm nosy like that) you work at an ad agency.

Golly. Those maxi pad people know what they are doing, right?

So, that is what I want to say about that. You, Nice Lady, seem like a really cool person, and a very qualified parent, and that kid is super lucky to have you as a Mom. I might even be a little bit jealous. Please understand that it isn't my intention to sit in judgment of your parenting, it's just my disappointment because you are raising a girl, and that is a huge deal, and I didn't work this hard to hold my own as a Not-Always-Nice Lady just to see you mess it up for the next generation. So get it together. Think like a woman, and quit telling girls to think like a man.


The Creepy Girl In Earbuds Sitting Behind You

10 July 2014

Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles

My recent yarn kick turned into a tassel kick which has now turned into a knob bobble kick. Now I want all of my door knobs to have jewelry. Yarn jewelry. Also, I’m sorta tired of wreaths and stuff so I'm thinking knob bobbles are a home trend I can get behind. Also, it’s fun to say – knob bobbles. Sounds like pirate speak. Arrr me hearties, hard to starboard and yarn tassel me knob bobbles.

Sorry guys, that’s probably porn speak for something I don’t know about.

I’m guessing everyone learned to make yarn tassle bookmarks for Mother’s Day as a kid, amiright? Some of us even took it a step farther and learned to make yarn dolls (overachievers!) but for those who need a refresher, here it is.
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