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Party On, Silverware

Silverware is a funny thing. My guess is most people don’t pay much attention to it unless they go to pick up a fork and it’s dirty, or maybe when they are registering for wedding gifts. A spoon is a spoon. A fork is a fork. Big whoop, right? It wasn’t until a few years at an Italian restaurant where I took notice. Instead of having one set of dishes or silver, everything … Read More.


Valentine Swap 2015

TRUMPET SOUND* TRUMPET SOUND* TRUMPET SOUND Attention handmade valentine lovers! For the fifth year running I am inviting my readers to participate in the … Read More.


Dip Dye Lampshade

I have a new decorating itch. It involves lampshades, fabric dye, and a garbage bag. Watch closely and you can see it in action... A video posted by Peaches … Read More.

Pink-geometric-ornaments-chandelier featured

Hot Pink Geometry

Confession: It's late January and I'm still not over Christmas. I don't care if yesterday was MLK Day, I'm not past my yuletide cheer. The boxes have been put away … Read More.


My Anti-Medicine Cabinet

  I'd like to take this moment to come out against medicine cabinets. Okay fine, I'm not against medicine cabinets like I'm against the holocaust, but I … Read More.

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