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Correlations and Coincidence

Here is the thing: Have you ever noticed that cars with overly aggressive political bumper stickers are always occupied with the worst drivers? It's true. And it's not restricted any particular party or cause. This thing runs across the board. Why is that? Look, I'm not saying it's the bumper sticker that *makes* you a bad driver, I'm saying the coincidence is more than … Read More.


Bleach Dye Botanicals at Home

I don't know if you have been outside lately, but whoa nelly, SPRING IS HERE! he bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping and the ground is busting out every shade and shape of green goodness imaginable. What does that mean? Life crippling allergies. It's time to raid the neighbor's yard for stuff to make crafts. Hell yeah! This one is good. All you need are some … Read More.

watercolor flower wreath

Flat Flowers Gone Wild

I went to a crafternoon with some friends this last weekend. There were flowers, and Tacky Glue, and Miss Patty's dinosaur cheese dip. Hurrah! Fun was had by all, particularly me, because I didn't have to make any of it. I did supply the idea though - making three dimensional floral arrangements out of two-dimensional flowers. Looky here! The flowers are simple … Read More.


On French Fries and Flowers

The one and only time I have ever been to Brussels it was in a train station for 35 minutes, 20 years ago, and the only thing I remember is that when I went to buy a … Read More.

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Personalized Key Hook

The folks at Michael's asked me to take a look at their new Make Market line and pick something to personalize. So that was hard. I mean, craft … Read More.