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outdoor breakfast picnic

Brunching: Unbreakable Style

Greetings from 92F heat and 80% humidity! It's hot and steamy but, oddly enough, I am having a great time. I currently type this from the pleasantry of my air-conditioned bedroom while looking out the window at a house painter scraping down my window. Yes indeed - this house is getting painted (AND IT WAS A LONG TIME COMING). This has me excited as not only does this mean I get … Read More.


Happy Monday: Compassion, Chocolate and Flamingos

It's been a while. How are you? Despite my lack of posts last week, I'm alive and well, although, kinda grossed out at the general state of humanity right now. What, you too? Yesterday I went with a friend to see that animated movie The Secret Lives of Pets. And I cried. Hard. I cried eight times. And y'all - this isn't a crying movie. Like at all. Not an Ol' Yeller in … Read More.


Adult Coloring Book Tray

I may have a problem with decorative trays. I like them more than they like me. If I see a good looking tray at a reasonable price, there is a more than reasonable chance it's coming home with me. I tell myself You'll use it to round up all the little doodads on the nightstand!....three years later the doodads are still roaming free like wild camels, and the tray sits in the … Read More.


Easy Popsicle Stick Art

Three things I love about Summer: Margaritas, caftans, and outdoor crafts. I'm proud to say this project involved all three! Did I mention this one involves … Read More.


The Flowers of Fathers

A number of folks have asked me why I paint so many flowers. And while there are a dozens of good reasons, frankly, it all comes down to this lithograph, "Lilacs" by … Read More.

lola on bed

Lolabelle: Adventure Cat

The life of a domestic cat in this house is rough. My cat, Lola, can attest to this! First there is eating, then there is napping, then there is whisker cleaning, … Read More.


Summer Entertaining Ideas

So here is something I thought I'd never say: I bought a barbecue. A real, full sized, tomato shaped Bee-bee-que. Not a grill, not a fire pit, a BBQ. What does that … Read More.

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pillows 2 square

Open for Business

Hello. It's me. I was wondering if after all these months you'd like to meet. In a place. Called Etsy... That's right folks. When I wasn't … Read More.

watercolor flower wreath

Flat Flowers Gone Wild

I went to a crafternoon with some friends this last weekend. There were flowers, and Tacky Glue, and Miss Patty's dinosaur cheese dip. Hurrah! Fun was … Read More.