Welcome Home Bird!

I love cat-sitting. You know I love almost as much as cat sitting? Cake.

My friend Kiki Bird went away for a week and left me in charge of her children-with-fur, Tzeitel and Yentl. Obviously I wasn’t going to let their super-model-quality good looks go undocumented and we spent most of the weekend taking pictures and laying in sun spots. A good time was had by all. 

When Bird got home, we had a feeling she was going to need a pick me up.

Enter: Cake.

To be specific, yellow sour cream cake with chocolate frosting.

I know.

You want some.

So what if it was just a doctored up box of cake mix and a can of frosting –it took 10 minutes of prep time and tasted amazing. I can’t explain why rainbow sprinkles make everything better. They just do. It’s a scientific fact.

We made tiny slits in drinking straws to serve as the base, and then cut letters from a colorful slop mat used in the Great Crayon Melting Experiment of 2009, an historic event that resulted in the loss of hair and feeling in one finger.

Just as I finished the sprinkles, Tzeitel stuck her paw up on the counter, cocked her head to the side, and said, you know what, those sprinkles would look totally hot if you put them all over your face. Maybe you should slather yourself with that jar of Vick’s Vapo Rub and see if the sprinkles will stick. Its gonna look super cute  and it won’t make your eyes sting what-so-ever. And I was all, yeah Tzei, that’s a great idea. Why don’t you kitties give makeup tips more often?

Pretty sure my Crazy Cat Lady ranking just exploded.

Welcome home Bird!


  1. says

    You just cracked me up right out loud! I love your blog, i love your flowers. I’m going to go home today after a long week of ad agency crap, and read it from top to bottom, er, start to finish, uh, today to before.


  2. says

    Oh Mrs Dean, what a wonderful compliment! You flatter me. I’m glad you enjoy! Thanks for taking the time 🙂

  3. says

    My friend’s doggies name are Tzeilach and Peitzalach…..you know you really have to chhhchhhh (throat clearing) at the end to make their names sound right. Who knew these were common pet names! (I’m the goyim—from farm town California–married a nice Jewish boy from Coney Island) What do I know?!

  4. Anonymous says

    This made me laugh until I nearly wet my lovely blue velvet sofa. It would have been worth it, though. This is something that I can see myself doing and knowing that there is someone else out there who embraces the ridiculous really gave me a lift. Thank you for posting.


  1. […] and the artwork belong to my friend Bird, who is not only my bestie, neighbor, and aunt to Lola, Bird is the one person who lets me hang […]

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