03 August 2010

Matador Barbie

Check it: he got his head back and new coat of paint!
There is something awesome about taking $5 statue of something so stern and scary as a matador (not a pretty profession when you think about it)....and painting him a precious shade of Barbie pink. And oh look --he's got sparkly pink rhinestones glued to his cute little hat and shoes.  Now he's ready for to meet up with Skipper and Midge for the running of the bulls.


  1. Great makeover! What happened to his head?

  2. The second one looks a little like you put a hole in his head! First you break it off then put a hole through it and paint him pink, that poor guy!

  3. I have a lamp that needs to fixed and its broken in the same way how did you fix it?

  4. Hey Lynn! I just used a big blob of "Tacky Glue" and then put the head in place and used some masking tape to hold it in place as it dries. Let it dry thoroughly before taking tape off (at least 72 hours for complete cure)...if the bond breaks/moves/wiggles before it dries completely you will have to start all over again :(
    Gorilla glue is good too --will work on anything!

  5. Love what you did with him! What kind of paint did you use?

  6. Hey Victoria! Just Krylon Latex spray paint, nothing special. It sticks to everything.


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