Autumn Wreath 2010

Can you spot Lola? Her autumnal camouflage is seamless! Tomato Red & Turquoise, Oh My!  Sweater weather is here and I couldn’t be happier. Mother Nature has turned my little tree lined street into a beautiful, golden riot of color. Mother Nature will never be outdone but I can certainly do my part to color […]

Friday Flowers: Coffee Filter Daisies and Dahlias

 For someone who spends so much time with flowers, you would think my favorite would be something exotic or interesting. Nope. I like daisies best. Actually, I like anything yellow and happy looking. I’m not picky about the matter. My favoritism extends far outside the flower realm! Now that we are nearly at the end […]

Paint Chip Art

Artwork courtesy of Behr, Premium Paint Chips. Pudding Face Kitty Snoof courtesy of Tzeitel, The Cat. Did you hear that? It’s the sound of my Crazy Cat Lady Ranking exploding. Yes, again. Totally worth it. Kitty and the artwork belong to my friend Bird, who is not only my bestie, neighbor, and aunt to Lola, […]

Friday Flowers: Centerpieces for $3 in 5 Minutes

When I started posting about these coffee filter flowers, I got a lot of questions and feedback from brides-to-be looking for alternative centerpieces. Thanks to all y’all who reached out and showed interest –you made my day many times over 🙂 Ladies: this one is for you! It’s also for everyone looking to make some […]