Cat Hat: A Cinematic Adventure

You know a movie is good when it inspires you to make a hat for your cat.

Have you seen Labyrinth? If you did, it’s probably been a while. Like, twenty years, right? Unlike most of my childhood obsessions (HELLO NKOTB), this movie has stood the test of time. On the surface level, Labyrinth is a visual feast with a classic story and a few dozen goblin Muppets, not to mention David Bowie in marvelously tight pants…but as an adult, you look at it a little deeper, start thinking…before you know it some unexpectedly personal and powerful things come out of the woodwork.  Movies can be funny that way.

Jim Henson was a genius. Design*Sponge did a Living In feature on another one of his movies, The Dark Crystal, last week and it got me all aflutter thinking about Labyrinth. Of course I had to watch it asap and oh boy, it sparked all kinds of creative output, including, drum roll please: a cat hat.

Now, Lola loves her hats. As you can see form the look on her face, she really enjoys dressing up. So while we were watching and I was busy making tiaras with pipe cleaners (more on that tomorrow)…I was so taken aback by this one scene, that, without realizing it, before you knew it, she had a new hat!

It sprouted out of this scene featuring the Chilly Down song by a group of amazing Muppets called the Fire Gang (if you know the part I’m talking about, you will get a kick out of seeing how they made it back in the day before CGI technology). The Fire Gang is bit endearing a petrifying at the same time. They seem so cute and cuddly, but also know they could reach out and snap your neck at any moment. Just like my Lola!

…but I digress.

Bottom line: next time you need some inspiration, or a headdress for your cat-child, please take my advice–treat yourself and look into Labyrinth!


  1. Anonymous says

    omg how I loved that movie!!!!!!!! That dress with the puffy sleeves?!

  2. says

    sometimes I feel about about how much i spoil my cats, but then I see stuff like this and think I dont spoil them enough. hurumph. where are the pipecleaners when you need them? my cats need some hats!

  3. says

    Whee! I’m so glad you got that beautiful shot of Lola before she wreaked havoc on your creation. I need to re-watch Labyrinth now, obviously.

  4. says

    I just saw Dark Crystal for the first time a couple of weeks ago! Now, I need to go watch Labyrinth again!

    Love the cat tiara, though I can’t imagine our kitty allowing such a thing for more than 30 seconds!

  5. says

    Last time I tried to put anything on a ginger cat, he nearly bit my hand off. Okay, it was a stuffed giraffe toy and he was in a bad mood, but come ON!!!
    Always loved Labyrinth, though. I think, along with Axl Rose, David Bowie as Goblin King was my first crush!

  6. says

    you remind me of the babe! what babe? the babe with the power! etc gets said by my group of friends at least 1x per month….

  7. says

    * becca jo –That EXACT line was my facebook status last weekend. You wouldn’t believe the responses it conjures from people!
    *lisbonlioness, I hear you on the Axl Rose Front!

  8. says

    Ohmigod- nothing better. That first pic made me laugh out loud and my sister and I talk about that movie ALL THE TIME!

  9. Holly says

    Well… she’s GOT the feather in her hair but why I want to know is where is her dress cut down to THERE?????

    Sigh. Poor little furpeople. We insist on trying to dress them only to find out they’d rather eat whatever we’ve put on them.

  10. says

    OK, I know I am probably bombarding your inbox, but every time I read a post, I think OMG me too! Along with The Princess Bride, Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies! I watch it all the time! Before the advent of DVDs, I wore out 3 copies of the movie on vhs!

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