10 September 2010

Friday Flowers: Keeping it Caffinated

How can I explain how happy it makes me when I hear from you? Comments, questions, emails…my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. If you have a blog, you probably know that already. Seriously, it’s better than Christmas presents and birthday cake. OK, well, maybe I shouldn’t be dissin on cake

A number of you sent inquiries/emails about the coffee filter flowers posted last month. Up until now, I have done my best to address them individually but they are starting to repeat. This leads me to believe that ya’ll want to see some more coffee filter magic.


So I’m going to devote the next month of “Friday Flowers” to various blossoms made from coffee filters.

Please don’t think I’m a One Trick Pony. On the contrary, I’v got all kinds of other projects in swing! But these flowers are so simple and easy to make, and if one person can make use out of them, then it’s my pleasure to share.


  1. I love all the flowers that you've made - tried some - some good, some not so good lol


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