It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

*+-Welcome to Hyde Park: expect long lines, political satire and serious candy. Is there a neighborhood in your area that is known for spectacular Christmas lights? You know, the one where neighbors get competitive trying to out-do each other until one day someone ends up with a live alpaca* and a Santa sleigh on the […]

Friday Flowers: Riboon Rose Rehersal Bouquet

*+-Excessive alliteration – it’s a good thing. Confession: I haven’t thrown out a ribbon out since 1988.  Y’all, I’m not even kidding. It’s nuts. We are talking eleventy hundred random ribbon scraps stuffed in drawers and boxes and hanging from hooks in the wall of my dining room. It’s not like they are especially impressive […]

Spider Web Luminaries

*+-Not much time for Halloween hoopla this year, a few festive luminaries go a long way! Luminaries are so good at creating atmosphere, especially now that the days are getting dark and chilly. Candlelight alone is lovely, but candlelight glowing through crumpled wax paper bags is really something to be seen! The effect is almost […]

Land of Cotton

*+-Away for a little while preparing for BFF’s wedding this weekend, visiting with family, spoiling my niece, and playing with eldery dogs. More to follow soon!

Egg Carton Flower Thumbtacks

*+-There are two types of people in life: Bulletin Board People and Magnet People. Bulletin Board People tend to be creative, spontaneous, and struggle to keep things organized. They like having everything in tidy rows but rarely have time to maintain such a lofty goal. They surround themselves with diverse, eclectic, exciting environments that stimulate […]

Gourd Decor

*+-This last week has been a beehive of events and activities, severely marred by a flu bug that will not go away.  Shoo flu, shoo!  I have things to do!Until I get back in the swing of things, wanted to share this little arrangement from a autumnal charity event. There were some beautiful, traditional style […]