Friday Flowers: Hair Barrette Necklaces

Why should little girls have all the fun? Big girls can wear hair flair too!

No pigtails required 🙂

Last time I went scouring for art supplies at the beauty supply store I unearthed these wonderful plastic flower hair barrettes for a buck a box! Cute huh? Just clip them on an oversize chain necklace and add a few accent beads. For less than $2 and 5 minutes you have a funky new statement necklace!

And the fun goes way beyond flowers. Bring on the bows!

In their usual place, hair bows make everyone’s head look happy. But why not extend that happiness beyond a single little green bow on your head? Why not a WHOLE BUNCH of little green bows around your neck?

To make one of these ribbon chain necklaces, you will want:

  • A bunch of hair barrettes (I used 15, choose your length as you wish)
  • A bunch of 2” ribbon pieces tied into knots

I like pairing the bright shiny plastic with some dull, vintage bias tape, but that’s just me. Next batch I think I’ll try some juste twine or a strip of plaid flannel. Maybe some mohair yarn. Hmmm….


Good thing these pictures can do the talking. You know, honest-to-gosh, I have been trying to type the instructions on this one for ten minutes and the end result reads: put the doo hickey on the thing and slip over the thing with the hole and snap it up.

Very helpful. I have a new found appreciation for people who write books about crochet and macrame.

The essential concept is this: the ribbon knot goes through the hole of one barrette back piece AND THEN slips over the hole of another barrette back piece. Snap one barrette closed and use the other open barrette to loop on another link in the chain….continue until you get a circle.

Hope that makes sense 🙂 You just have to try it and see how easy it is.

Speaking of easy…here is another version. Just gather some bits of black ribbon, tie them in knots and clipped on the barrettes. It’s very Mid-Eighties Madonna, no? Who knew barrettes could be simultaneously opulent AND trashy?

Priced at $1.00 a box, and with so many colors, I see plenty more of these necklaces coming down the pipe very soon!



  1. says

    The green and gray is fab, I love those little girl clips. I would wear them but it’s such a small amount of hair that you can stick in them… Maybe I should glue them on to a big girl clip! Oh the inspiration your blog gives me! Many mahalos Aunty Peaches. ( I know another Aunty Peaches in Hawaii, she sells fried poi balls, the are SO delish!)

  2. says

    Mich L in LA popped those in the envlope of Doom she sent me- if I’d only known your blog then!

  3. says

    Adorable! I love these!! Especially the orange one.

  4. says

    Those barrette necklaces are so wow and come together like a dream! They make me wish I actually wore jewelry. But alas, no. I may have to change my ways…

  5. says

    Um, genius. I would elaborate, and go on and on and on about how much I love them, but no time. Rushing to my stash for barettes. Everyone in my house, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!

  6. says

    ok, so WHAT store did you by chance find these at??? I soooo need to find some now!

  7. says

    Brilliant, as usual. Why didn’t I think of that? 😉

  8. Holly says

    *sigh* Memories of being young. I used to love those barettes. Couldn’t really wear them as I had too much hair. Now I can wear them, even if I am *old* (as my 5 tells me). Thank you Auntie!

  9. says

    I would’ve never guessed cheap, plastic hair barrettes could look so stunning! Fab idea.

  10. says

    Those are so cute. I did not see how the ribbon one ended to connect. Is it just the ribbon tieing into a bow?

  11. says

    absolutely brilliant!! can’t wait to dig some of these up, and crossing my fingers that our beauty supply shops are as fun as yours.

  12. says

    Brilliant Peaches! Missing you over at Craft Schooling Sunday, I do hope you’ll drop by and catch us up on your creative adventures! xoxoxoSara

  13. says

    Now the party is better than ever, thanks so much for joining us! That first necklace is amazing, and especially how you photographed it, very clever….and happy to say that I have a small part in this creative adventure since I sent you to the beauty supply store in the first place…have to think about where else to send you next! xoxoxo Sara

  14. says

    Ok girl, I know I’ve been here at your blog before, BUT somehow LET without following you, gosh, maybe it was before I knew how to follow, lol.

    Anyway, LUCKILY I found you again, and have spent like forever checking out all your posts, because they are all RAD, and I love, LOVE, loVE them all. You are truly inspirational, and I adore being here.

    I am surely following you now, and hopefully will get a chance to start creating my very OWN recycled projects. You’ve shown some incredible things here, and I too collect a bit too much trash, hoping to turn it into art, he he.

    SO anyway, I am FEATURING this necklace on my FACEBOOK page, because I just want to feature every post, BUT, this is just sooooo unique, I haven’t seen anything like it before.

    I’m so happy I found you girl!!

    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Bella 🙂**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After AND while you are there, make sure you enter my giveaway for a BEAUTIFUL ROSE pendant necklace. I appreciate the support girl!

  15. mariyam says

    hi, i am from Pakistan and ‘accidently’ discovered you blog..i just love it…u r super creative…i cant wait to make this kind of a necklace with my daughter!

  16. says

    This one is very cool! I miss these barrettes from when I was a little girl! But where do you still find them?

  17. sportselectronics says

    Very fun with the doo hickey’s. You are very creatiive and thank you so much for sharing. I was thinking this would be such a wonderful fun craft to do with the grandkids. They will love it and I will love doing this with them. Thank you so much

  18. Shannon Holmes says

    I love this idea! I am going to make one for my niece! :O)

  19. Melly says

    These necklaces r sooo neat & very…uh….what’s the word?….creative & unusual…well that’s 2 words…lol. Anyway, love them, but wanna c pics of them ON you…or on somebody!

  20. says

    Amazing blog! I just stumbled upon you and I have to ask: Can I please quote you on this magnificent life-altering, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that, super-smart and funny line: “Let’s carpe the hell out of this diem! “

  21. PeachesFreund says

    Oh sure you can. I’m flattered. I don’t think I was the first person to say it though…I may have seen it on e T-shirt or mug or something. Only it was “…carpe the F&%$ out of this diem.” I figured I would tone it down for a header.

  22. Meghan says

    Super-cute idea with the barettes. I have some extra chain lying around and this project would be perfect for it.

  23. says

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  24. says

    These necklaces are neat & amazing, it looks just as good as a chunky beaded necklace!

  25. says

    SO darling– can’t wait to try making these for my niece!


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