The Good. The Bad. The Gelatinous.

Better Homes & Gardens Salad Book, 1958 Y’all have to see this. A random hunt for an old Thanksgiving cardamom roll recipe sent my skipping down the catacombs of my cookbook collection. You know what I found?  I’ll tell you — I found 128 pages of Straight Up Crazy. Look at the page on the […]

Return of the Chocolate Turkey

Chocolate Turkey Cake, aka “belly ache on a plate” Thanksgiving belongs to roast turkey and pumpkin pie, but Black Friday belongs to the Chocolate Turkey. He is rich and decadent and gooey and he’s all Neil Diamond’s fault. May have mentioned this before… I grew up listening to a lot of Neil Diamond. A lot. […]

Can I show you something?

Would you look what my Lola did while I was out? She got a hold of a ten pound Target bag, knocked it off the chair, dragged it across the floor, shred the plastic bag, then tore a hole on the paper bag large enough to fetch herself some supper. Only reason I bought this […]

My Favorite Menorah

Wine bottle + paper towel tube + plastic forks + rag scraps + glue + glitter = Happy Chanuakkah Y’all! For an old wine bottle and paper towel tube, this menorah is pretty darn snazzy, not to mention ancient. Out of my many menorahs, this one is by far my favorite. It’s an arts and […]

These are My People

My ten month old niece Abigail dressed as a flamingo (that’s all my doing) held by my Uncle Tom dressed as a scary rainbow clown (that’s all his doing).   I could write a lengthy story about this but for once in my life, I’ll refrain. I’ll let the image do the story telling here. Hilarious? […]

Friday Flower: Pumpkin Seed Brooch

I have been so caught up in holiday hoopla that I was really struggling to come up with something floral to feature as a “Friday Flower” for today…but then, early this morning, Anne in NC made a comment on yesterday’s pumpkin seed necklace post; Just yesterday I saw someone with a beautiful brooch made from […]

Leftover Halloween: Pumpkin Seed Necklace

Y’all need to check out these amazing melon seed necklaces from Maya at Little Treasures. Can you believe she made her own beads from leftover seeds and magic markers? Too cool! What I love about Maya’s necklaces is the contrast. She infused these bright, happy, clean colors into the natural, pale seeds. Don’t think I […]