In case you were wondering…

It’s that time of year again.

Halloween has barely past. The candy is off the shelves, the tinsel is moving in and White Christmas is now on television.
It’s not my personal favorite movie, but if it’s on the color TV, you can bet good money I’ll be glued to that screen long enough to watch Rosemary Clooney come out and sing Sisters, Sisters. Screw the skinny little blond snippet. Rosemary beats all! 
Please note, if the skinny blond snippet was your favorite sister, you probably just got offended. I deeply apologize. This deep seeded rivalry between Team Rosemary and Team Snippet goes back to ancient times. Let us look past our differences and unite together in this season in peace. 
Just as long as the uniting part goes down while listening to Christmas with Rosemary Clooney.
Also, please note, I’m not going to link to the real scene, because if you don’t know the scene in question, you should just stop reading this and go watch the full movie.  
“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Haynes Sisters”
Now, I’ll bet I have watched that scene more occasions than I can count, and yet, every time I see it, I once again ask myself the most important and pressing question of our time:

And thanks to the internet, now I know. They can be found hereherehereherehere.
I know plenty of women who have wonderful memories of dancing to Sisters, Sisters with their sister on the living room rug every December. If you are one of them, and you are in the market for an opulent gag gift, well, I think I just ticked one line off your holiday shopping list. Your welcome.

Speaking of holiday shopping, I could really use a new feathered headdress. 
Not the type of thing one can show off at the office Tuesay morning, but gosh, wouldn’t it be fun to wear one with your bathrobe while your picking up around the house?  Can you imagine how glamorous vacuming could be if you were wearing one of THESE? Or waving hello to your neighbor, Mr. Katzendanner, while taking the garbage out in THIS
Or, just screw the outfits and go for decor! Necklamann’s has a tremendous selection of fabulous feather goodies at reasonable prices. What about sprawling an ostrich fan across the mantle, or getting yourself a Bernadette to display a feathered headress on your dinning room credenza? Or, hey, how about an ostrich headdress on top of the Christmas tree? Now we are talking! 
And now you know where to get it. You know, in case you were wondering…


  1. Jills says

    team snippet all the way!!!!!!!!

    ps —-love those fans!

  2. says

    Sisters…sisters…never were there such devoted sisters….

    Yeah, definitely a classic. I didn’t have a sister until I was a teenager, but she is the first person that introduced me to White Christmas. The Husband doesn’t get it…but he doesn’t have to.

    I can see your cat wandering around your place with a giant feather headdress. Definitely!

  3. says

    i actually wasn’t anywhere near wondering… so you’ve opened up a whole new world to me!!!

    hey did you see the boot cuffs? i would actually wear those they are SO FANTASTIC!

    thanks Peaches, you’re the best!

  4. Anonymous says

    “Speaking of holiday shopping, I could really use a new feathered headdress.”


  5. says

    Holy crap, I am going to have to save my pennies to get my feather headdress!

    No sisters here and no idea what your talking about…..I went right to the feather headdress!!


  6. says

    I clicked on every single link. My sister would die if she opened a box with that in it. And she would know EXACTLY what it referenced. I feel sorry for my kids, they probably won’t give a crap about this movie. Oh well, they will be forced to watch!

    Btw, go team Rosemary!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    omg (sorry i’m a california please don’t hold that against me) i love your blog!!! hoping you will have some good christmas wreath ideas–i’d really like to make a cool one this year and think you’re just the one to look to for that!

    xo mary jo

  8. Holly says

    Rose. Mar. Y. I desperately neeeeeeed one, oh yes I do! Wonder if I can put it on my Christmas list. If I had one, I promise I’d wear it all the time. Maybe I can get my grumpy little dog to wear one. I’d dearly love being known as the-neighborhood-lady-who-wears-a-feathered-headdress-while-mowing-the-yard.

  9. mary says

    i thought you’d appreciate this fun fact: whenever white christmas comes on, we have to watch because our cockatiel is in love with rosemary clooney. he recognizes her almost immediately.

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