Leftover Halloween: Pumpkin Seed Necklace

Y’all need to check out these amazing melon seed necklaces from Maya at Little Treasures. Can you believe she made her own beads from leftover seeds and magic markers? Too cool!

What I love about Maya’s necklaces is the contrast. She infused these bright, happy, clean colors into the natural, pale seeds. Don’t think I ever realized how beautiful seeds are until I saw those necklaces. They have the most interesting shapes and earthy, almost wood like tones. 

I wanted to try making one for ages but haven’t seen a decent cantaloupe in this neck of the woods from months. Luckily my jack-o-lantern provided ample seed for just such a project. Pumkin seeds are big, bountiful and free!

Initially I was going to dye my seeds, but then I got on a gold leaf kick and well, you can see what happened. Before this year is out you’ll probably see me gold leaf the light switches. That’s not sarcasm, folks.

Regardless of any gold leaf or magic marker dye jobs, if you have never tried stringing pumpkin seeds, check out Martha’s turtorial first. They are pretty easy to work with, but pumpkin seeds can split if you try to string them when they are 100% dry. I ended up leaving mine soaking in tea with a little vinegar and Mod Podge mixed in for added durability. Once the seeds are ready to go, piercing and stringing couldn’t be easier. The process goes fast, especially if you mix in your own beads. I love me some pearls but I could imagine making this necklace with some nifty glass beads or even just some decorative knots.

I love the glitzy golf leaf next to humble seeds. I love the weighty, jagged edges contrasting against the delicate waxen floss. I love the way this pale and pretty piece looks on a dark and wooly grey sweater.

It’s all about contrast.

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  1. says

    Oh my! Love your necklace! What a great idea making gold leaves, which combined with the pearly beads makes a perfect little piece of art!!
    Thank you for sharing and linking to my necklaces. I am deeply honored!

  2. Anonymous says

    Just yesterday I saw someone with a beautiful brooch made from pumpkin seeds, painted maroon with tiny pearls in the center. It was beautiful. I guess I’ll need to get a pumpkin!

    Anne in NC

  3. says

    Ssshhhh…don’t tell anyone…I like yours better. The pearls and gold leaf look fantastic with the pumpkin seeds! Beautiful!

  4. Jills says

    We used to sell a necklace made of shells that looked a little like that. Sold like hotcakes!!!!
    Love those ones with the markers too. I might have to try that next week with a mouse full of munchkins!

  5. says

    Gourdgeous! Thanks for linking to her great idea, and making your lovely version, and I LOVE your gold leafed seeds, they are like tiny bits of Inca treasure. Also, what a great tip about soaking in mod podge mixture – too clever!

  6. says

    You just dug up a memory where Mum and I ate apples to get to the seeds to make necklaces from them. You also dug up memories related to it like my Mum being a young lass, me not being allowed to play with her precious china horse and ABBA. Never disregard the effect of ABBA on a child’s life. Thanks for taking me back to 1985!

  7. says

    I can’t believe you made this…I just made a necklace out of multicolor corn on my blog! LOL Can’t beat using natural elements to create a thing of beauty.

    Love it!


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