The tooth fairy owes me

Yesterday’s long-overdue visit to the dentist’s office resulted in the loss of one troublesome bicuspid, and the welcome addition of a new and ferocious sweet tooth.  For most people, a trip to the dentist inspires a surge in flossing and responsible dental hygiene habits. For me, a trip to the dentist means out-of-control cravings for […]

Candy Coated Anxiety

Who made “GET YOUR BUTT TO THE DENTIST ALREADY.” as one of their 2010 new years resolutions? Me. Who waited to schedule an appointment until the last day of the year? Me. Who is terrified and chewing out their anxiety on sweet-n-sour shoe leather candy? Me. Who would be stupid enough to eat sweet-n-sour shoe […]

Custom Party Hats (and not just for kids and cats!)

My friend Noeleen,snarling on her birthday and wearing a photo of herself snarling at a previous birthday.PS: I’ll have you know, Noeleen authorized the public distribution of the photo above in exchange for my bringing coca cola cake to her boyfriend’s NYE party…!!BARGAIN!! Oh, how I love me some party hats. I jump at any […]

Christmas with Kermit

Update Dec 28: Sorry Y’all, I accidently deleted this post and need to repost from scratch. Beg your pardon if it gobbled your comment or appeared in your inbox twice 🙂 The “Kermit Tree” in the central rotunda One of my favorite holiday traditions is spending Christmas Eve at the Museum of Science and Industry. I […]

Yeah, that Good King Wenceslas was a cool dude.

For a long time, I thought Good King Wenceslas was just the title to a funky Christmas carol…but it turns out, he was a real person. In fact, he was a King and a Saint who was murdered by his younger brother. Geez-o-Pete, scandal much? If you are like me, you probably never paid much […]

Twas the night before Christmas…

Bow hats are coming back! …and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Mostly because Lola will attack anything that moves. This is what I get for decorating my tree with nothing but birds and feathers. She thinks the living room is now her own personal Audobon sanctuary. No […]

The Old Tomato Wreath

Ten years ago I lived upstairs from The Old Tomato. Her real name was something like Veronica Pommerossi or Verachi Pomodesa or Villanova Panchinelli…whatever it was, it sounded like vecchio pomodoro, which roughly translates from Italian into old tomato. It was an acuarte description too –she was wrinkled and acidic, small and round, squishy and […]

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. What, you too?  Then check out my guest post over at Mod Cloth! And while you are over there, check out some of the nifty Mod Cloth merch, including A Certain Furry Fanilow’s Christmas present (unfortunately, Lola took a pass on the hippo. Oh well, there is always next […]