Double Down Snowflakes

Clear plastic insulation sheeting makes it easy to double layers snowflakes!

So let it begin.

Winter is here. Snow has fallen. The long underwear is out and frozen doorknobs are in.

Pretty and pristine as it might be, the draft from my over-sized 100 year-old picture window is unreal. Foam insulation tape and fleece lined curtains help but the draft is still noticeable enough to force me to resort to plastic sheeting. You know the stuff, the clear plastic “second window” that stretches and bunches and never seems smooth out no matter how long I blow on it with a hairdryer. I hate it. It’s ugly. It’s distracting. I can handle bars on the window and city dump trucks, but clear plastic sheeting? No Thank You!

Yet, despite my animosity, plastic sheeting is a small price to pay in exchange for a warm living room. I surrender. But if I am going to have to look out my window through wrinkled plastic, you better believe it’s going to look good!

Enter: Snowflakes.

Decided to use the hollow space between the glass and the plastic to my advantage and tape snowflakes directly to the glass AND the plastic sheet, that way the 6″ gap in between the two creates a layered, three dimensional effect, almost like stage scenery or a pop-up book.

Now that it’s done, let me tell you, this thing is COOL. In fact, I might even be using this clear plastic sheeting business  for a spring window display. I’m smitten!

Can I tell you something? This was one of those projects that was so easy and fun, and when it was done I couldn’t help but stand back and say Wow, I am really excited about posting this on the blog!

And then I took the pictures.


What a disappointment. They look much better in person than on camera. There’s no dimension in these photos. Hurrumph. It’s a shame ya’ll can’t stop by the house and see them in person.

Next time 🙂

There’s no real tutorial here. If you are reading this blog I am going to make the assumption that you are comfortable making your own snowflakes and following the directions on the back of the box of plastic sheeting. However, I will share a tip or two I learned along the way….

  • Try cutting snowflakes from coffee filters and paper doilies. They will let in more light and sprinkle the inside of your home with dappled sunshine. Gorgeous!
  • Use a hole punch when cutting snow flakes to add major detail without the major scissor time.
  • Get your snowflakes to stay flat by ironing them for 5 seconds over a damp towel.
  • Tape half the snowflakes directly to the window, hang the top plastic insulation sheet, then tape the other half of the snowflakes to the sheet facing the window. Overlap and layer as much as possible!
  • Try using electricians tape to attach your snowflakes. I could have used thread or transparent tape, but decided the red lends a special touch. Plus, now I can keep them up til Valentines, wahoo!


  1. says

    Ahhh, coffee filters and paper doilies a great source for fabulous snowflakes! Love it! Together with the red tape on and all!

  2. says

    I think those are the best paper snowflakes I’ve ever seen!

    I haven’t yet used the plastic sheeting, but I may be tempted to now!

  3. says

    that’s so cute! i wish i had thought of that before putting plastic over my windows this past weekend. the excitement my bf had from learning about taping plastic over the window (he’s from sf) – “what!? i always thought you just had to live with drafty windows” made up for the ugliness for me at least.

  4. says

    I do get a little of the effect of the 3-D, I would love to see this in person! Even without the full 3-D, it’s so very beautiful! Love your snowy flakes, and it all looks so amazing against the wonderful red-painted windows.

  5. says

    I just used the plastic stuff this year myself, and it is not as easy as those instructions make it appear!!!

    LOVE The snowflakes. Would never have thought of holepunches, coffee filters or doilees, but they make BEAUTIFUL snowflakes!!! Surely that counts as a little more insulation! Hee Hee….

    Anne in NC (we just had some snow too, and such brittle, windy cold weather! But, it IS December…)

  6. says

    Oh that looks amazing, Peaches! I wish i could visit and see the 3D effect! It’s glorious even without it, i MUST say!!!

    When i saw your post i was like OMG, Peaches is doing snowflakes too! Tomorrow’s post is a snowflake craft! i’m telling you, parallel universes!!!!! just giving you some advance warning so you don’t think i’m copying you (much as I’d LOVE to! It’d be so much easier that way…)

    come to think of it, maybe i’ll link back here to show an alternative snowflake craft… hmmm… that’d be okay, right?

  7. says

    Oh stop it, they look bloody fantastic and it’s a 32 degree day here in Sydney (Celsius!). Happy Snow love! x

  8. says

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you can see the 3-D effect even if the camera didn’t! Im rather fond of them 🙂

    Michele –I can’t wait to see your snowflakes! PARALLEL UNIVERSE! And of course you are always welcome to link back….and right back at you too –I’ll be linking back to you again today or tomorrow, depending on when I get some pictures of the bottle wreath now hanging in front of the snowflakes! It came out crazy nifty!

  9. says

    Very cool! Great tips on using doilies and hole punch, thanks 🙂

  10. Anonymous says

    I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

  11. says

    hi there peaches!! thanks for checking out my “snowflake curtain”…i found yours as well… sososososo pretty!! i was just busy checking out all your tutes, you are one creative woman. Happy New Year!!


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