Friday Flowers: Frosted Cups and Bottles Wreath

Ten years ago, if you had told me I would be hanging a giant wreath made of disposable cups in front of my house for all the neighbors to see, I would have asked you what kind of Crazy Juice you were drinking. Ten years ago, stuff like this was not on my radar. Ten years ago, I was busy matching burlap samples to the latest Pottery Barn catalog and worrying, Does this faux cranberry wreath look so realistic that birds will come to our door and peck it to pieces?
Oh my, how times have changed. 
Must give credit where it belongs! Primary inspiration on this project came from two sources, both of whom I have sited on other projects before, because, well, they are straight up fabulous; Michelle Made Me and the Magpie Art Collective. 
Have you checked them out already? 
What are you waiting for? Get to it!
I had been itching to make this wreath for months. Sometime in October, I pledged I would make it and would NOT SPEND A PENNY on materials. That’s right, it’s made from stuff I was throwing out or kept on hand. 
It’s a simple base made by alternating plastic cups (make slits with kitchen scissors) and Diet Coke cans with the bottoms removed (just use a can opener). Some leftover aluminum trim (name anyone?) bound it all together. The rest of the flourishes were tied on with pipe cleaners.
If your reading this far, there is a decent chance you are thinking I wonder how much juice I would have to drink to make a wreath?
Good question. I can’t tell you, but I will tell you I have been scavenging at home and at work for months. This wreath is roughy 40″ in diameter and contains
  • 8 two liter bottes, painted white
  • 10 soda fountain cups (32oz)
  • 12 small plastic bottles, painted white
  • 15 red plastic cups
  • 18 aluminum cans
  •  25 strophoam cups
  •  35 clear/white plastic cups
For more thorough directions on how to make flowers out of plastic bottles, see here. Keep in mind, just about anything in your trash can made from plastic can be converted to flower. Beauty is everywhere.
Happy Holidays Y’all 🙂


  1. says

    Big and bold and looks so cool next to your snowflakes! I love how you sort of cluster the different shapes. Tis such a lurvely creation!

  2. says

    You could have added a string of lights to this – pushed one bulb through the base of each cup taking this masterpiece over the top.

  3. says

    I LOVE IT!!! The way you’ve used not only plastic bottles, but just about anything from your recycling bin, the clusters of styrofoam cups, the sprinkling of red plastic cups in there… All these bits combine to give it a wonderful texture! I also admire your placement of the wreath on the snowflake-covered windows… So festive and pretty!

    At some point very soon I will be linking back to this post. Might I use one of your pics?

  4. says

    Oh my! I knew you would not disappoint! It’s craftyfabulous! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and lots of love to your niece Abigail on her b-day!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. says

    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed! Proud to tell you it looks even better lit up and/or under snow. Who knew, right?

    Michele–of course you can use pics! Don’t even ask!

  6. says

    I followed from Michele’s blog. What a beautiful window display you have!


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