Friday Flowers: Sweater Felt Hats

My felt flower bug is back in town. It started with that tutorial a few weeks ago and hasn’t simmered down since! The living room is now overrun with little nests of felt flower tuffets looking for good homes. Yesterday I went to sip my diet coke and there was a wool fuzz bunny sitting on the lip.

Now aren’t you glad you aren’t my vacuum cleaner?

These hats are just one of the ways I am using up my felt stash (just wait until you see next week). They are too easy to justify a full length tutorial. Honest, not counting the felting process, I spent less than an hour on each hat. They were so easy to make, you have got to try it for yourself. You need a cute new hat, don’t you? Of course you do.

And because we all know little kids tend to pick at things (and not so little kids too!) I used pick-friendly upholstery thread, exposed stitches, and bookbinders knots. I sort of like the little furry thread bits –they add such character.

As you can see here, I used a lot of different colors (remember I’m stash busting)…but this would also be so fetching with just one or two colors. Can you imagine a red hat with tiny little white blossoms all over? Or a green cap with yellow and orange blooms? Or what about monochromatic—like making the hat and blossoms out of the same old wool sweater? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

PS: Special thanks Brendan and Stephanie for supplying the models. It’s nice to have friends with ridiculously beautiful children, isn’t it?


  1. says

    You know I loved that tutorial, and these hats (and kids!) are so adorable! Maybe I’ll have some time over Christmas break to make some?

  2. Anne C says

    OMG those kids are cutey pies!!!!!! Love the hats too. Old sweaters? heehee!

  3. says

    and if you want to make your OWN hats….big sweater sleeves work great for kiddos. just cut them off with a pinking shears, fringe the top, and tie them off if you don’t want to sew at all 🙂

  4. says

    Wow- I love those hats! I will check out your tutorial later.

  5. says

    seriously?!!! those are the cutest hats Peaches, on the cutest models (thank goodness for friends and their offspring, eh?)! i want one for myself man! i wouldn’t want to give that gorgeous thing away…

  6. says

    Adorable! Still time to whip up four of these for special recipients on Christmas Day! Thanks to you and those exquisite models.

  7. Mimien says

    Oh! thts sooo cute color n flower craft . I was remember Oilily branded . Thank u so much for sharing <3 <3

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