Holidays taking over your house?

Pshhh, Girl, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Try busting a whole tree top through the roof, then we’ll talk about “making accommodations” for the holidays.

Photo courtesy of Moi, taken of the home of Total Strangers in Chicago’s Sauganash neighborhood. They do this every year so it’s pretty much famous. In previous years they also had some taxidermyfied elk on the lawn posing as Santa’s reindeer. I can only aspire to be this cool one day. I also aspire to create a word as gnarly as taxidermyfied.


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    I love Christmas as much as anyone…but seriously? Insane…appreciated…but insane!

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    Awesome. These people don’t do things by halves…

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    I wonder if they twinkle…of course, I wouldn’t want to pay that electricity bill. It is hilarious, though, and entertaining, unless you wanted to get some shut-eye.

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    I love it! They seem like my kind of people! Why spend your life being ordinary when with a little effort you can be EXTRAORDINARY?!

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