I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. What, you too?  Then check out my guest post over at Mod Cloth!

And while you are over there, check out some of the nifty Mod Cloth merch, including A Certain Furry Fanilow’s Christmas present (unfortunately, Lola took a pass on the hippo. Oh well, there is always next year.)


  1. says

    ONLY a hippopotamus will do.

    i love it! your craftiness knows no boundaries.

  2. says

    this is magical! you wouldn’t happen to be selling it anywhere would you? or possibly make custom ones?

  3. says

    ME TOO!!!! I asked my husband to get me one last week!!!! Only mine would be out of African iron wood, and so lovely and fat and shiny!!! Oh I so hope he gets me it.

  4. says

    Great guest post! I would love to see what your Christmas tree looks like…I bet it’s full of fun treasures like this!

  5. says

    Love! I would not tinker with perfection, the multi-colored spangles are the way to go. Hippo on a stick had me laughing a looong-ass time.

  6. says

    Thanks guys!!! Glad you like this one. Hippo still needs a name, btw, if anyone should have a good idea.

    Natasha –thanks for asking! This Hippo is a gift and I would not be able to make another just like it before Xmas this year…but if you are in the market for one/some next year, send me an email!

  7. Anonymous says

    oh wow I see this is a few years old.. is there a way to get to this tutorial? I did not see anything..thanks

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