Anni-Frid’s Intergalagtic Petticoat (aka: The ABBA Lamp)

What’s the deal with babysitters and ABBA? They always go together. Seems like everyone I know had a babysitter who loved ABBA, hired a babysitter who loved ABBA, or was an ABBA loving babysitter themselves. Its like there was in international Babysitters Club meeting and they chose Dancing Queen as their anthem. Did anyone else […]

The Amazing Parade

“Scrambled Eggs” Did you ever feel like your head was filled with a mass of buttery, salted scrambled eggs? Yup. Me too. This week has been filled with challenges and chocolate in equal measure. Thank you for hanging in there with me. Sometimes, I struggle. Sometimes I find myself in a creative rut and rely […]

It’s sort of like having Paris Hilton in my living room.

It’s been a long time since the mailman brought me anything nearly this nifty… As a consolation prize for beating my butt in the Great Gift Wrap Challenge of 2011, Michele sent me two of the amazing the most amazing stained-glass-like paper charms based on her children’s childhood drawings. Aren’t they wonderful? You know, I […]

January, Dude, are you done yet?

I don’t know about you, but I spend most of January stumbling through a gloomy funk. Somehow the daily grind gets much murkier when the snow on the ground is brown and the snow in the air is coming in sideways. Simple tasks that took an hour in September, can consume an entire day in […]

Public Service Announcement

The mangled remnants of digital photo data recovery If you ever accidentally delete the contents of your digital camera’s memory card, or perhaps the lovely airport security people do it for you, please, oh please promise me you will remember one thing: do not take any more pictures. I repeat: DO NOT TAKE MORE PHOTOS. […]

War of the Mermaids and Monkeys

Last weekend I met up with The Always Awesome Becca Jo at Uncle Fun. For those who have never had the pleasure of visiting in person, I should explain, Uncle Fun is like the ultimate gift shop for uncles who tell awesome dirty jokes. Think Bacon Band-Aids and “Cat Butt” chewing gum. There is a whole […]

Attention Crafty Peeps!

A while ago I received a wonderful email from Alaleis, who, in addition to having the coolest name ever, is the founder of Her daughter made coffee filters flowers (featured left) for her friends in first grade and asked if they could feature my tutorial on Kidzlist’s brand new arts and crafts section—check it […]

Secret Nibblet: Organize Your Inspiration Files with Wishpot

Idea file labeled: “Artificial Flowers in Unusual Ways” Every once in a while I discover a ‘nibblet’ of new-fangled technology that puts a smile on my face. Something that makes life a little easier. Something that makes life a little happier. Something I want to share with everyone I know. Now, I’m not in the […]

Thatched Paper Wall

Living Room at Casa Peaches A few folks inquired about the book pages in the background of my photographs. I never mentioned it before because I put it up long before the blog began…but since y’all asked…. It was really very easy. Cheap too. AND apartment-dweller-friendly (read: it doesn’t damage the wall. Wahoo!) If you […]