A Love Letter to Coffee Filters

Oh my dearest Coffee Filters
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

For lining my flower pots so the soil doesn’t drain out…
For hanging out in the produce bag and keeping my lettuce crisp…
For making my own tea bags…
For making clove and soap sachets to line my drawers and closets…
For blotting up greasy blobs when I fry up biscuit doughnuts…
For diffusing the flash on my camera…
For serving up my morning cup of dry cheerios…
For backing fabric when I’m embroidering or hemming delicate fibers…
For wiping glass, chrome and mirrors without ever leaving a trace of lint…
For baking up super-size cupcakes and cornbread…
For lining the food scale when I am measuring in grams…
For straining wine when I shred the cork…
For covering bowls and dishes in the microwave…
And most of all, for being the neatest and cheapest art supply ever! 

Oh my dearest Coffee Filters , how I love you so. There are lots of other uses for coffee filters, but my favorite is making art, especially kid-friendly art. I have found that kids really enjoy working with coffee filters –it’s different from regular paper and there is something deliciously mischievous about scribbling and tearing up functional objects. It’s like getting permission to draw on the wall –it just sounds fun!

Last month, when I saw Sara’s amazing rainbow-style snowflakes, I just knew they would be great for making valentines. You can color your filters by painting them, or if you are lazy like me, just ask a munchkin to draw on the filters with a washable marker, then spritz with water and watch the magic happen. Once they dry, just trim into snowflakes, same as always. Cheap, easy, beautiful AND just one more reason to love coffee filters!

PS: Try making a few coffee filter flowers and you can enjoy them all year long!


  1. says

    Agreed, coffee filters are so amazingly versatile. *dreamy sigh*

  2. says

    I can’t believe coffee filters are so versatile and useful! I am ashamed to admit that I have never used coffee filters for… well… anything… Lo uses a french press to make his coffee and i don’t drink coffee, so there is no need for us to buy any. But your love letter is quite compelling. I may have to bite the bullet and go out and buy some. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways Peaches!

  3. says

    Also… Coffee filters: For when you absolutely, positively have run out of toilet paper and kleenex. :D

  4. says

    Sus –I just read your comment and let out a jolting honker-style laugh so loud that my boss came over and asked if anything was wrong (!!!)…how was I supposed to say “Oh nothing, just my internet buddy suggesting we wipe our tushes with coffee filters!” …actually, he probably would have found that humorous too :)

    Michele– knowing you, I think you and coffee filters will become fast friends if you give them a chance. PS: I don’t drink coffee either –again with the parallel universes!

    Thanks y’all. Happy Valentines:)

  5. says

    Whoa, I had no idea coffee filters were so darn useful! Thank goodness, too, since I barely drink coffee and grocery stores make you buy 45,292,030 at a time.

  6. says

    What a cool list! Several ideas here, I have never heard – like keeping lettuce crisp! And tea bags! And what are those glorious things at the top of this post??? Heartflakes! Snowhearts! what a gorgeous picture.

  7. says

    Because of you, I LOVE coffee filters. I made 300+ flowers for a dinner and cannot wait to have my cub scouts make them for their moms and at day camp. I cannot wait to make a billion red ones for my living room. Thank you for the love of all coffee filters!

  8. says

    Love your ode to coffee filters. Peaches…you are barking mad and brighten my day – haha! Hope Lola is well. ‘My cat is a fanilow’ keeps popping into my head. Blog post title of the year I reckon x

  9. says

    Ever since I found out that you can get a bajillion (yes, bajillion is a new technical term) coffee filters from Costco for less than $3, I’ve been wanting to use them for some kind of party decor. Thanks for the ideas!

  10. Holly says

    I went on a business trip with my man and took some cheap watercolor paper I ended up hating. Remembered about coffee filters. Found a big pack, got out the watercolors, and went to town on the glass topped coffee table at the hotel. Kept me from going all Overlook Hotel on everyone while we were snowed in…


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