02 January 2011

There'll Be Some Changes Made

If you stop by regularly, you may notice things are looking a little bit different. Nothing big, just a little lipstick and hair brushing. I'm aiming to neutralize the sandbox so I can leave more room to play with new features down the road.

Couple of new additions include links to my Facebook and Twitter pages. That's right, Social Media, here I come! No clue what I'm doing but you are welcome to link up and join in the ride. 

This could get addictive in a hurry.

Happy New Year Y'all!  


  1. I'm not on Twitter yet, but of course I like your FB page...who wouldn't?!

  2. Looks great! i'll follow you anywhere. :)

  3. Looking great Peaches! I haven't done either Twitter or FB yet. Just too old and bone-headed for that newfangled socializing. The fact that I have a working blog is a miracle in itself, but do keep us abreast on all that stuff, it's very interesting to me indeed!

  4. when i get home where facebook isn't blocked i will certainly like your page :) as for the redesign, the header looks great, but i miss the multicolored strips!!

  5. Thanks guys! It's a whole new frontier out there :)

    Michele--- you are missing out! Oodles of fun are waiting!

    Jamie-- thanks Lady!!! And I know, I miss the stripes too... Unfort a few people mentioned the stripes gave them headaches a while back ... Then I saw them on friends computer a while ago and realized just how much moniter colors vary (Those stripes were flat out ugly on her screen. Crazytown? I figure gray and cream are hard to mess up)

  6. Lookin' good! The gray and cream are very soothing...:)

  7. I like this! Because the gray and white will make your art pieces pop like firecrackers!


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