The February Lists

Ten things that bring me unexpected joy Singing bus drivers The way British people pronounce the word Yogurt Red Vines. Not Twizzlers. Red Vines. Clerks and servers who offer honest answers when you ask How’s it going? Anything reminiscent of Sophia Lauren Ivory dish soap Diet Coke, in a can, softly frosted from the back […]

The Waiter Test

Hand Letter Pressed Poster by Rob Bratney I wish someone had told me this when I was a kid. It would have saved a lot of heartache and drama along the road. I suppose becoming a good judge of character is an skill that comes from years of trail and error, but I for one […]

Shameless Self Promotion

Next time you are cruising the newsstand, check out the March 2011 edition of Disney Family Fun Magazine. It’s always a great publication, AND, this month, you might just see a new twist on an old project, including a brief story on my Grandnanna’s obsession with buttermints! Many thanks to Debra and everyone at Disney […]

Button Button Who Got the Button?

Question: Anyone know a good source for buying buttons in bulk? I googled around and found plenty of places that sell by the dozen, but I need somewhere that sells by the pound. Or bushel. Or bucket. Assorted colors/sizes or plain white would be great. The cheaper the better. As y’all can see from my […]

Buried Treasure

I was cleaning out some old storage containers last weekend when I found these wooden chairs and boxes that my Uncle Joe made for me many years ago. Cool Uncle, huh? They got packed away the last time I moved only to be unearthed now, after years in hiding. It’s funny, I used to look […]

Here Comes the Sun…Doot In Doo Doo…

Little does he know his butt will be snow soup by Wednesday. Little Darlin, it’s been a long cold lonely winter.  But today, the sun is shining and the weather forecast indicates blue skies and sunshine the rest of the week. THE REST OF THE WEEK. Here comes the sun…doot in doo doo…

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

This morning I went to grab my favorite heart-shaped beads, because, you know, I’m festive like that…but Lola wouldn’t give up the loot. Apparently, Lola is festive too. After a brief battle, I gave up the war. I let Lola keep the necklaces and she let me keep my fingers. I’m not that festive. Happy […]