Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

This morning I went to grab my favorite heart-shaped beads, because, you know, I’m festive like that…but Lola wouldn’t give up the loot.

Apparently, Lola is festive too.

After a brief battle, I gave up the war. I let Lola keep the necklaces and she let me keep my fingers.

I’m not that festive.

Happy Valentines Y’all 🙂


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    And a very happy Valentine’s Day to you and Lola. Thanks for the pretty card! LOVED the script on the envelope!

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    As the song goes… Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Happy Valentine’s day to you, too! Cute kitty. 😉

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    She’s in that Valentine’s Day if-you-take-my-necklace-I’ll-tear-your-fingers-off kinda mood I guess! You were very wise to concede, I’m thinkin’!

    Happy Love Day to you both!

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    Awww, that is one fancy kitten! 🙂 Those photos are lovely… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    This is why I want a cat of my own! I’ve had various cats over the years and loved them all…but alas, my daughter says if I ever get one, she’s never coming back home. What a brat!:) Please keep sharing Lola with us, she’s a cutie! Love your blog and all the crazy crafts you share with us..I really really do!

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    Those photos are so sweet! I hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

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    Lola is glad you guys appreciate her Calendar Girl good looks! She is already preparing her st. Patricks day leprechaun outfit. Hope you all had a lovely valentines day!!

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    AUNT PEACHES … AUNT PEACHES … will you please cat-sit my cat ??? I am sure he will be so at home with your colorful personality and fun things to play with ~~
    You are now my favorite “aunt” ..


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