Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

This morning I went to grab my favorite heart-shaped beads, because, you know, I’m festive like that…but Lola wouldn’t give up the loot.

Apparently, Lola is festive too.

After a brief battle, I gave up the war. I let Lola keep the necklaces and she let me keep my fingers.

I’m not that festive.

Happy Valentines Y’all :)


  1. says

    She’s in that Valentine’s Day if-you-take-my-necklace-I’ll-tear-your-fingers-off kinda mood I guess! You were very wise to concede, I’m thinkin’!

    Happy Love Day to you both!

  2. says

    This is why I want a cat of my own! I’ve had various cats over the years and loved them all…but alas, my daughter says if I ever get one, she’s never coming back home. What a brat!:) Please keep sharing Lola with us, she’s a cutie! Love your blog and all the crazy crafts you share with us..I really really do!

  3. says

    Lola is glad you guys appreciate her Calendar Girl good looks! She is already preparing her st. Patricks day leprechaun outfit. Hope you all had a lovely valentines day!!

  4. says

    AUNT PEACHES … AUNT PEACHES … will you please cat-sit my cat ??? I am sure he will be so at home with your colorful personality and fun things to play with ~~
    You are now my favorite “aunt” ..


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