The New 31 Flavors

The Dirty Girl Scout “Thing is, no one really knows what smurf tastes like.”– Overhead on the street yesterday morning. And you know something? They are right. Nobody knows the true taste of a smurf. This prompted many questions in my mind…Who would eat a smurf? Who would serve a smurf? Where can I buy […]

Toys of Yore

My Dad with his childhood erector set So, the thing is, I went toy shopping yesterday. #1. What happened to toy stores in the last twenty years?  They used to be all cute and friendly with circus music and miniature trains. Rainbows and ducks and dollies and whatnot. Now they are screaming pits of rage […]

All God’s Creatures Got a Place in the Choir….

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and confused. Sour. Inadequate. Sometimes I wonder, What particular breed of crazy was I born with? Why am I not like everyone else? How can I be more normal? …and then I read this. By comparison to this, I am June Effing Cleaver. So normal it hurts. If you ever feel […]

Fun with Fuzzy Stickers

A month ago, my wonderful friend Sara posted about recycling cardboard boxes into gift bags. Seriously y’all, what a great idea. And I just love the thought of munchkins painting up a cereal box and turning it into a beloved treasure. Only problem is, I am sans munchkin. And until Lola picks up a paint […]

Friday Flowers: Cupcake Flowers

Good news: the grocery store finally started carrying giant chocolate bunnies.  You know what that means?  Giant chocolate bunny for dinner  Spring is finally here! It’s been a while since I did a Friday Flower post. This winter has been too cold and gloomy to think of such pleasantries. But things are different now and […]

Clutster Flower Thingamajig

BFF gave me this plastic flower pin and said, This looks like something you would make! And she’s right. If I knew how to make one, I would have made a dozen already. Problem is I don’t know how. I’m not a bead and jewelry type. I’ll make necklaces out of hair barrettes and fingernails […]

Good thing I’m not superstitious…

I took this photo this morning. Notice anything unusual? This is the statue of the Virgin Mary in the tiny “yard” behind my apartment. Neighbors tell me she has been in this post for many years, long before the pine tree to her left was planted. The pine tree is now taller than the apartment, […]

DIY Custom Patterned Paper Tape

Years ago, tape came in two varieties: clear and semi-clear. Vanilla colored masking tape was relegated to garage sales and cardboard boxes. Duct tape was something people used to attach broken-off rear-view mirrors. …But somewhere along the way folks realized they could get colored tape in the electrical section down at the hardware store. Then […]

Madame Rhinoceros

Madame Rhinoceros collage shadow box I made, oh, err 2004? Look, sequins! Yesterday I found myself killing time in the cosmetics section at an upscale department store. I don’t generally loiter among the lipstick but I was early for lunch with a friend and was running low on mascara. Ten minutes in, a chipper young […]