Clutster Flower Thingamajig

BFF gave me this plastic flower pin and said, This looks like something you would make!

And she’s right. If I knew how to make one, I would have made a dozen already.

Problem is I don’t know how. I’m not a bead and jewelry type. I’ll make necklaces out of hair barrettes and fingernails but I haven’t a clue when it comes to traditional jewelry making techniques.

Does anyone out there have a link to a tutorial that would break it down for a newbie like me? Or even, just tell me what I should be googling here. “Cluster Flower Thingamajig” isn’t getting me very far!


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    Sure looks the part, Allie! I was stumped, to a point where I thought of darn plastic sheets and puff paint!

  2. says

    Tis beautiful!!! It would be super easy to assemble, once you have the petals…hmm, how to make those petals? I think you should make them from your melted plastic cups!

  3. Anonymous says

    Ok, don’t judge, but my first thought was that it looked like someone had taken the cheapy little kids sunglasses you can buy in packs of 5 in the party favor section and heated them just enough to form them into petals. I’m not sure that’s logistically possible, but I would certainly leave it up to you to do it if it is!

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    I got no ideas, but like you, I am unschooled in the magical ways of jewelry artists… Hmmm. I’ll keep the eyes peeled…

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    I also thought of DipIt when I saw it! My mom made flowers out of it in the 70’s- didn’t know it was still around. But what are the outer “frames” made of? I like the sunglass idea. They don’t look all that uniform.

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    Hi Aunt Peaches! I think you could make these from some stuff called “friendly plastic”. Here’s a blog that has lots of “how to’s” …… and you can google it to find lots of places to buy it online.
    You, being so talented and all, could probably make them from water bottles and a blow torch and some touches of nail polish on the edges…..

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    I’m several years late to the party. My first thought was Shrinky Dinks! Did you find a solution to this puzzle?

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