29 March 2011

Fun with Fuzzy Stickers

A month ago, my wonderful friend Sara posted about recycling cardboard boxes into gift bags. Seriously y’all, what a great idea. And I just love the thought of munchkins painting up a cereal box and turning it into a beloved treasure.

Only problem is, I am sans munchkin. And until Lola picks up a paint brush (this is entirely possible, people)...I needed to do my own variation.

Enter: fuzzy stickers.

If you saw the post about making your own custom tape, you probably already know how I made the polar bear. Just get yourself some double-sided adhesive paper and some faux fur and go to town.

Tip: It’s easy to draw silhouette shapes when you use your computer as a light board. Just enlarge the image on your screen , lay the double-sided adhesive paper on top, then trace with a marker. You may need to temporarily adjust your monitor brightness/contrast settings, but it sure beats using messy carbon paper or cutting and recutting templates. Works great for all y’all hardcore freezer paper stencilers out there; we're talking animal shapes, monograms, profiles of your children...just about anything with a strong contrast line can be easily converted into a sticker/stencil/template. I picked up this tip from a friend whose 10-year-old son uses this technique to trace Japanese comic book characters. He is such a smarty pants!

Disassemble and reconstruct the box (consult Sara’s original post to read how it’s done properly)....then stuff it with a gift and give it away!

Hooray for polar bears!



  1. Bear: genius!!! Monitor-tracing tip: smarty pants fabulous. Gift bag/box all together is pretty much the cutest gift wrapping I have seen in ages. Love eet!

  2. OH MY HEAVENS, this is freakishly awesome. Your are brilliant dear.

  3. Sheer genius! I think a faux fur bunny could be in the works!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. The husband seems to go through 2-3 boxes of cereal per week, so this would be an incredibly fun way to use up all that trash!


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