Mailbox Candy

If you have ever received mail from me there is a decent chance it looked something like this. I call it mailbox candy.

OK, so I admit, it looks a little like a rainbow threw up. But I don’t mind…

The landlord thinks it’s hilarious when I drop off rent checks smeared in pink and turquoise polka dots. I’m not sure what the mail clerk at the electric company thinks, but I hope it puts a smile on their face :)

Truth be told, I don’t paint envelopes to impress, I just do it to use the leftover paint stuck on my brush after a project.

I figure that paint can go down the sink, or it can go down on paper.

So I just grab an envelope and give it a good smoosh.

Tada! Instant mailbox candy.

Knowing me, I’ll never remember to grab an extra envelope every time I start a painting project, so instead,  I just keep a stack of them on the shelf above my kitchen sink –that way I can grab one before I rinse out the brush.

Sometimes, if the envelope is made of thick paper, I’ll run it under the faucet as well, then the paint goes on like water color. Then I clip it up on a clothes pin and let it dry until next time I want to paint.

Simple pleasures :)


  1. says

    What a smart way to use up leftover paint on your paintbrush! And you’re probably one of the few who writes and posts mail and uses envelopes like myself in this day of tweet and facebook communication. Also love the look of mailing labels on the envelope.

  2. says

    I LOVE THAT!!! I think it would make the postwoman/man SMILE to see something cheerful and colorful, knowing it has to be something other than a bill and junkmail she/he is delivering!

    Go girl!


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