Mardi Gras Beads Redux: Funkytown Ceiling Lamp

Check it out y’all! now I’ll have Mardi Gras in my living room all year round. Wahoo!
Original Inspiration Chandelier from DSC
A couple weeks ago I sent out the message I was hunting for ideas on ways to use old mardi gras beads….lo and behold you sure answered. Thank you for taking the time. I came away with not one, but several inspiring ideas. More on that in the days ahead…
The first idea that hit-me-in-the-face came from Kelly on facebook, and was soon echoed by LeeLu and Ann (clearly, all three of them knew a good thing when they saw it!)….who all suggested a variation on this chandelier from Heather at Dollar Store Crafts. Check out this sucker. Isn’t it amazing?
Just one problem. I have crazy low ceilings. My apartment is over 100 years old and they just didn’t make them tall enough to do a cool, tall, luxurious chandelier like this one. Sigh
The compromise? A big-fat-yet-still-drippy-dippy ceiling light.
Yeah, well, it’s not as formal as Heather’s chandelier but golly-gee it sure is festive! I took her basic idea of using the hanging basket and I knew it was going to be festive but I had no idea how much I would love the sparkle and shadows it creates. It’s like a disco every time I turn on the light!
*Note: The project here is not for those seeking perfection. There are no patterns here. You just swag-n-twist and swag-n-twist like a big floppy flower arrangement. Embrace the chaos!
  • One wire hanging basket
  • 40+ Strands of beads
  • Bolt of 32gage wire
I started out by wiring the edges of the basket with green beads –this helped keep it it looking a little more uniform or “on purpose”….then just went to town swagging and twisting wire around each strand where it hit the wire basket. Once the basket was fully loaded I wired the basket frame to the three holes in the original light fixture. Luckily this basket has a hole in the bottom, so changing the bulb won’t be a problem at all.
This project was free and easy –can’t beat that!
I’m crazy about the star burst shadow it makes on the ceiling!


  1. says

    Huzzah, this is so wonderful! Much like a small child, I cannot get enough of bright colors and this project is right up my ally. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    so cute – I’d love to find a way to glam up my clothes closet in a silly girly way and this might be just the thing!! Awesome idea – thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. MzMary says

    This is so completely NOT my style and yet … I LOVE IT! It makes we want to laugh and dance! What a joy!

  4. says

    I’m loving this! It never would have occurred to me, but it’s GREAT!

    So, any issues with beads melting or anything?

    I’m dying to do this with the ceiling fixture in my kid’s bedroom. She will LOVE it!

  5. Laurinda says

    I’m a GLUTTON for color, & this is so fulfilling to look at! I don’t want one, I NEED one! It’s a brighter version of my dead floor lamp- I filled the top with my christmas LEDs & leave it on all the time- so pretty! Almost as pretty as this chandelier. Thank you for your color-filled chaos!! :-*


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