Thank goodness she doesn’t like girl scout cookies

It’s Wednesday! Everyone deserves to give themselves a mid-week treat.

Lola treated herself a crispy potato chip.

Actually, it was my treat until she swat it out of my hand and licked it into a pile of gelatinous mush.

Thank goodness she doesn’t like girl scout cookies.


  1. says

    oh my gosh. i have no idea how you managed to get that second pic but its sooooo perfect and really gave me a squee today. i needed that. :0) too cute

  2. Anonymous says

    omg could lola beez any cuter? my kitty wont eat anything fun like potato chips! our neighbors cat loves to eat potatoes though. odd kitty!

  3. says

    Everyone needs a midweek treat, or two or three…. Does Lola like french fries too?

  4. says

    Oh, so cute pics! My three cats also love potato chips! There are even so crazy after chips… that I won’t eat them anymore… to much stress ^^

  5. says

    My cat likes chips too, and bread. Once she tackled a biscuit I ACCIDENTALLY left out, played with it and there were crumbs all over the bedroom floor! All I could do was laugh and go clean it up. But he watched me the entire time, from up on the bed! Now, I wasn’t as good as you and catch a picture of the actual playing process…but I did get a picture of him WATCHING me clean up the mess! He is a cutie pie!!!

    I’m a cat person, and they are our family. Thanks for keeping her a part of your blog. It always makes me smile.

  6. says

    A WHOLE BISCUIT?! Oh Anne, your kitty and I are cut from the same cloth:)

    Isn’t is odd how cats love to eat people food? Lola lived on the streets for a while and that scavenger instinct lingers… She likes a lick or bite of anything. Sometimes she will lick stuff just to see if it might be edible…the mail for example. People’s shoes. It’s strange but I don’t hold back on her. I figure she is just doing what comes natural and as long as she doesn’t ingest too much, there is no harm. And honestly, could I deny her anything? No. She is too dang cute!!!

  7. says

    I would not have believed this if I didn’t see it. oh my!

  8. says

    This is so incredibly cute! Our little kitty has been having tummy troubles for the last year or so and now has to be on prescription food. But this does make me want to let her cheat on some kettle chips!

  9. says

    Great shots, Auntie Peaches!!!! Mambo, my Black Russian Terrier, likes carrots and cucumbers. It’s hilarious.

  10. Anonymous says

    eek! OMG!!!!!!!!!! sooo cute, how did you get those pics?

  11. says

    I love the Lola posts! I have to hide from my cat PrettyGirl to eat my Laughing Cow cheese wedges or she will scale me like a tree!

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