Guess Who’s Coming to Passover

Passover is more than a holiday laden with family, food, and wine; it’s a time for all of us to gather around the Seder table and remember those who struggled to survive, those who have past, and those who are still waiting for a Passover of their own.

It’s a celebration. An enduring symbol of freedom and triumph over oppression.

And if there was anyone who loves to talk about freedom and triumphing over oppression, it would be Charlie Sheen.

Okay, okay, okay, I know he may have said some not-so-nice things about the people of Israel. That’s what makes it hilarious. And if Jews are good at anything, it’s laughing at batshit goyim.

And while I appreciate a good glass of kosher for Passover Manischewitz, in all it’s grape jelly-esque goodness, there is something really appealing about serving Fools & Trolls at the Seder table.

Zissen Pesach (Happy Passover Y’all. Or something like that.)

Next year in Jerusalem!

PS: My original intention was to publish these labels as printable online PDFs so you could use them too, but then my lawyer friend, the one who gets paid in cookies, advises me against it. Poo. Instead, if you want them, just email me directly and I’ll send you the PDF as an attachment. For personal and private use only.


  1. says

    ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee hee…. Oh my Peaches, you are the embodiment of hilarity!!!! Yay!

  2. says

    I know next to nothing about Passover or Charlie Sheen (2 and a half men bores me after the umpteenth replay), but I do appreciate a good, half- informed giggle! 😀

  3. says

    I truly think you’re the only one capable of making me drop my jaw at the sheer hilarious-ness of your posts! If it’s at all possible I MUST have a pdf of that Charles Sheen label! Happy Passover dear!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Dawn says

    Best laugh I had in a while!

  5. says

    You are an f***ing rock star from mars. I think the tiger blood would be perfect for EAster dinner. I can get smashed over the ham and totally disgrace myself.

  6. says

    Have I told you lately that I heart you? Thanks for making me smile.

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