13 April 2011

Munchkin-Friendly Easter Baskets: Fast and Free

I made these big flowering Easter baskets last week. As much as I like them, they require hot glue and a lot of cutting and coloring, etc. I thought it would be nice to do a version suitable for small children and left-brain types who struggle with crafty terms like “smoosh” and “twist” and “fluff.”

These are easy peasy. Ten minutes. Zero money. 

Sound good? Let’s get started.

If you can’t make this project from stuff laying around in your junk drawer, you need to improve on your junk drawer.

  • Empty water bottle/plastic condiment tub/ food container
  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Optional: Pipe cleaner or ribbon (to make the basket handle)

Scribble on your coffee filters with magic markers. Any sort of marker that is not labeled as "permanent ink"  will do the trick. Spray with water and let them dry overnight.

Cool beans, huh? You can also get amazingly colorful filters by reserving the leftover coffee filters you used to dye eggs with tissue paper.

 Make a stack of two filters, fold in quarters and cut a rough zig-zag edge. If you're working with wee-little ones, tearing the filters will work too.

Next, cut off the bottom of a water bottle. The exact height will depend of the circumference of the bottle (this will make more sense in a second, I promise).

 Put some glue on the bottle. White glue works best, but if you are working with paste eating munchkins, paste will work too. Double-stick tape will also do the job done, if you aren't into messy. But glue is best. Messy is best. Always. 

Stick on one of the filters.

Flip it over and repeat on the inside.

 If you like a handle, punch some holes in the plastic bottle and add pipe cleaner.

Or, don't add a handle. I kind of like it without the handle. Looks like a little nest or something.
I cut rounded corners on this one. Looks a bit like a wedding takeaway now, no?
 Quick variation: swap the water bottle for a sliced up cardboard toilet paper roll.

Voila: egg tuffets!


  1. Super cute! Thanks for sharing a great tutorial. I'm always looking for projects to do with my daughter. We get bored easily. Love your blog!

  2. You know my munchkin will certainly love it!

  3. Love the rounded edges sans handle. Like spring flowers!

  4. Love these! They are so cute.I am jealous by the way that you have seen the new Jane Eyre in the theater, it isn't even showing yet where I live. Have you watched the 2006 Jane Eyre yet? If not, I think you should. :)

  5. Beautiful idea. Love the one with the rounded corner. I'm going to find a use for that, definitely. And hilarious writing as usual.

  6. Hee! My junk drawer needs improvement, I am working on it. I have hired a consultant. These are so cute! I love the idea of gluing a filter to both inside and outside the base - creates such really nice detail and extra floof!

  7. I'll make these when I get back to making May baskets that I used to make in first grade. I voted for you for best Mom craft blog over at babble.com. I want to see some more crazy shoes! Ann

  8. brilliant!~ I can't wait to get started on some of these for a little bridal brunch this weekend! Did I mention that you are brilliant???

  9. THIS is my new favorite-O blog!!! eeeeeee...

  10. Love this and will be doing it this weekend with my two boys

  11. Whew! Now I've got something fabulous to do with my with my wild monkeys tomorrow. Thank you Peaches!

  12. "If you can’t make this project from stuff laying around in your junk drawer, you need to improve on your junk drawer."

    HA! HAHAHahahahahahAHAH! Seriously, this is why I love your blog!! :D

  13. Liz I tracked back to your website and was about to leave a comment regarding my celebrity crush on Steve Martin and the time I saw Bonnie Hunt buying tuna at the market. Alas, it was closed for comments! Maybe I'll write a post on them instead. Sigh. *another time*

    Thanks for the loveley comment though :) I really do think everyone need to improve their junk drawer. Except me. I need to watch an episode of Hoarders just to get me the mood to do cleaning.

  14. I love these!!! I pinned them to my board at http://pinterest.com/pin/14413292/

  15. these are awesome = thanks!!
    homeschooler jo

  16. making these right now with my munchkins :)
    what is covering your work area???
    I think I am in love!
    Please give me all the dirty details!!!

  17. Thanks Tim!!!

    NLWilliams, I should feature a post on those tables some time. They are just two cheap Ikea tables decoupaged with pages from "Greg's Guide to Shorthand"....cheap and easy, plus, the spills/water rings make them look even better.

  18. I really liked your idea and posted it on my blog. I've added your link and I hope you don't mind.
    Congratulations on your creativity. Best wishes and happy Easter!



  19. This is great! I had hoped to do this for Easter when the cousins were here, but ran out of time. Alas it's Teacher Appreciation Week, and the Tuesday theme is flowers. Preschool daughter was not to be outdone by elem school daughter, so both teachers are getting these. There's some sort of karmic justice in upcycling a yogurt cup into a lollipop cache, isn't there?

  20. This is really great and so easy. Planning on making these for co-workers.


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