Paper Mache Collides with an Animal Cracker Addiction

The eggs are finally up.

I know, right, it took me long enough, but considering my new found inferiority complex concerning eccentric German men and their holiday traditions, it’s an Easter miracle I put up an egg tree at all this year. And here is the thing: this isn’t even half the collection.

There are more.

I rotate.

Because I’m a hoarder.

An egg hoarder.

Don’t you judge me!

Some of these eggs are ten years old. No idea how they have made it this long because Lord knows I’m about as dainty as a rhinoceros and these eggs should have been smashed ages ago.

Notice the base.

It’s a rabbit.

Technically, it’s a bear dressed as a rabbit.

Actually, technically, it’s an animal cracker container dressed as a bear, dressed as a rabbit.

This is what happens when paper mache collides with an animal cracker addiction.


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    0_0 ’nuff said. Actually… one more thing, I lurve those tiny petals on that teal egg! (teal?) And why don’t we get those darn crackers in the UK?

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    Wowwowwow, your Easter bunny egg cherry blossom tree bear is just the prettiest thing ever! (He also looks like a 24-point buck)

    Gorgeous photo styling, my dear!

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    So where do you get these Animal Cracker Containers? I think I need some in which to keep my dog food. Right now I use large Costco Pretzel Jars. Then, I can then convert my Costco Pretzel Jars into papier mache and old needlepoint fake imari vahhses.
    Now, I want to know: can you convert garbage flowers into tole chandeliers? Ann

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    Simply gorgeous (and I’m glad to see you’re eating the animal crackers with CALCIUM).

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    Ann, you can get the giant teddy tub at Target. It’s HUGE and runs around $5.00…total bargain! And the animal crackers are excellent.

    And rest assured, I am already working on a garbage flower chandelier/pajaki…’ll have to stay tuned!

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    i think it’s brilliant. i love it so much! the whole thing.

    what do you use for paper mache ‘paste’? i actually like how it’s almost got a shine to it, the ‘bunny bear base’

    also, i’ve been pretty into using tree branches as ‘arrangements’, but i’ve never really known about the egg tree until recently and i super love your eggs!

    also, my word verification is “liquetti” and that makes me LAUGH.

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    I just came across your blog yesterday, and i love,love,love it! So much inspiration! I actually dreamt about muffin liner flowers last night….lol( Dunno if that’s a good thing or what…lol)

    So, just wanted to wish you a happy easter!
    Hugs from Jane in Norway

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    Love the tree but I HAVE to make one of the bunnies. Tooo cute.

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    Ahhh, this is AWESOME. LOVE your bunny. dang it girl. I love how your brain works, its beautiful. Now on to those fabulous eggs. Please tell me, HOW and where do you store them. I want to know, I would love to start my very own collection, we eat enough eggs, but where do I keep them all, that’s the question. Does anybody keep these trees up year round, that would def solve that problem, just keep adding eggs to it, before I know it, my living room has been taken over by eggs, hehe.

    I’d love if you linked this up. If you do that kind of thing, lol. 🙂

    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Bella 🙂**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After
    Bella 🙂

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    I can’t let my kids see this. They won’t let me rest until we have a tree “EXACTLYLIKETHISONEPLEAAASEEEEMOMMY”. Crap.

    It’s beautiful. And I think the bunny could become a jackalope pretty easily. I’m off to Target…

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    Oh, what a beautiful site your bear turned rabbit with antler covered with eggs tree this is. How cheerful and showy!

    That will make anyone feel like a child again, or want to be a child again! Keep us smiling, Aunt Peaches.

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    Love your tree! I want one! I think you should keep it up all year and add an egg a week….pretty soon yours would be as big as that german guys! Of course you would’t be able to sit down in your “parlor” but you could hang swings on the tree or something, I know YOU could easily figure it out!

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    Most beautiful Easter egg tree. Ever. Being a fellow citizen of the Kraft and Rumrich family, I’m a bit of an authority, don’t you think?

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