Stashbusting: Painted Party Favors

Here is the thing: Usually, I am not big on party favors.

Usually, I said.

As a guest, I never know what to do with them. Do you leave them on the table? What do you do with the packaging? Is it rude to stuff it under your chair? Is it rude to leave it behind if it doesn’t fit in my purse? Is it rude to leave it behind because I don’t want to stuff a wet wine glass in my purse?

These are the things that keep me up at night. Can you tell?

As a host, I just don’t like a lot of crap on the table. Show me sturdy plates, solid cups and a spill-proof table cloth, and I’ll show you a good time. Show me cut crystal and tulle pom-poms, and I’ll show you a table full of uncomfortable guests who are wondering, Where the hell am I supposed to put this napkin ring?

Don’t get me wrong, a little foof can lend a lot of atmosphere, but if something takes up space on my table the table, I want it to be edible or disposable. I don’t want my guests to feel bad because they spill wine, or lose a napkin, or nudge a votive candle in the wrong direction and set the whole table on fire.

I speak from experience on that one. Don’t I, JOANNA?

None the less, sometimes it’s nice to leave a little something for your guests. It makes them feel special and appreciated. It also looks wicked cute on the plate! Just be sure they know it isn’t precious and for all you care, sit on it. Or for that matter, set it on fire. Right, JOANNA?

Enter: Painted Party Favors

This is another project born from the Box O’Fun, courtesy of Heather at Dollar Store Crafts and their April Stash busting project.

PS: Anyone interested in helping me unload my own stash, click here.

This project started with a pack of baby shower boxes from the dollar store. I have passed these at the dollar store and the party favor section a billion times and never picked them up. Until now!

Then I painted them and slapped on a little tissue. Nothing fancy. Just smoosh on some paint.

 After it dries, trim off the inner foldy bits. Technical term, foldy bits, that is.

Then punch some holes, stuff it and fold it up. Donzo!

And look! You can thread a feather through the holes and give them cute little hats.

Don’t your party favors deserve feathers in their cap?

A friend suggested they would also make excellent packaging for jewelry and baubles and such –good thinking. I’ll bet there are a lot of nifty things to be done with these little boxes. Ideas anyone? Chime in! I want to revisit these bad boys sometime soon.


  1. says

    Snort. You crack me up…but they’re pretty cute, as favors go. Wet wineglass, indeed…

  2. says

    Antisocial as I am, i never have parties that require favours. And those I go to are few and far between 😀 So I’d prolly use them boxes as an advent calendar. No, not for the kids, what are you thinking?? They can have the lame chocolate ones, I’d give mine to the man, require him to fill it with stuff and keep it for myself!!

  3. says

    Although it’s in my best interest to disagree with your preference for less foof…I do agree that there is a need for balance. Sometimes as I’m admiring a bountiful-looking table setting, in creeps the thought “but where do you put everything?”.

    Anyway, these are adorable. I love the idea, and am now going to have to move save yet another one of your ideas!

  4. Ami Audal says

    Perhaps fold down the little knobby parts at the top and stick a coffee filter flower (or two) in. Easy way to display them :]

  5. says

    Ooh, you have made them so artful! I love the holes punched. Cutenesssss!

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