Who wants some stash?

Snapshot of Heather’s box.
A couple weeks ago, I lucked out and received a box of arts/crafts goodies from Heather at Dollar Store Crafts. Then Lola decapitated one of the items inside and I have been on the hunt for headless crow crafts ever since.

I can only imagine these items came from Heather’s cupboards, waiting for a rainy day when they can come out and play.
I have rainy day cupboards too. In fact, I have a whole rainy day room.
Despite my own extensive goody stash, receiving Heather’s box got me thinking about new projects and ways to approach materials. With that in mind, it’s only right I pay it forward and send out some stash busting boxes of my own…
At the end of this week I’ll send out three boxes chalk full of creative materials. Some are new, some are old, some are vintage, some are funky. Not funky as in smelly, I mean funky as in, What am I supposed to make from plastic alligators?
These are the challenges of our times. 

Want a box? Its easy. Leave comment below, on Twitter, or on Facebook, in regards to this post with the words “send me a box!”

Winners will be chosen at random, Sunday May 1st, 9pm CST.

Update 5/2/11: Winners have been chosen. Thank you for everyone who entered!

Can I really call people winners? You’re not so much winning as helping me. 
You win stuff. I win cupboard space. We are both winners.
So, you are probably wondering what sort of goodies are in store. Good question. Let me take you on a tour…
Everyone has a shoebox with old beads and junky costume jewelry. Its not my fault that mine grew out of its shoebox ten years ago. Don’t look at me. It was hungry!
Seriously y’all, what am I going to do with seven shades of blue ric-rack trim? Help me.

You need mermaid rhinestones. I know you do.

A whole rainbow assortment of bias tape. And this is just the stuff still in packages!

I have three drawers laebled “TOYS. NOT FOR KIDS.” That says about about me.

There is a tupperware container the size of a small child filled with nothing but paper lanterns. Why?
Who buys rainbow sponges in Chinatown thinking “These will look great as gift wrap. I’ll take ten.”
Feathers. Gobs of them. Every size an color. Kitty not included.

Button, button, who got the button? I do!

 Keep in mind, this is just the stuff I am tossing. One day I’ll  get up the courage to take you on a tour of the rainy day room, aka, The Lion’s Den.

Until then, let me know if you are ineterested in getting abox of your own. No obligations or strings attached. I hope the recipients will pay it forward and make something, or maybe use this as an excsue to purge some stuff of their own, but I leave that part up to you.

Sign up by leaving a message below, on facebook, or on twitter with the words “send me a box.” 
I’ll chose one “winner” from each source, so you can triple your chances and sign up in all three places if you really want a box that bad.  No restrictions on location, just make sure you let me know you are interested before Sunday, May 1, 9pm CST.


  1. says

    send me a box! :-) I would love a box as I just moved before christmas and had to toss so much of my own stuff or we would have had to order an extra truck :-p

  2. says

    I’ll take all the rick-rack, bias tape, the not-for-kids toys and feathers you want! It’s hard for me to find good stuff like that where I live, which by the way, I’d be more than willing to pay the shipping for! I’m getting all crazy excited thinking about projects I could use these things for!

  3. says

    Send me a box! Even though the Easter Bunny (aka my step granny) brought me two huge pickle jars full of vintage buttons. I’ve still got my whole craft table a mess sorting them out! JACKPOT!

  4. says

    oh please please please send me a box! This is perfect! My BFF sends me one periodically and its saved my life several times.

  5. says

    Derp, I commented before I finished reading the whole post! I have a nasty habit of doing that. :)

    But I’d love for you to send me a box!

  6. says


    The understated euphemism was totally intentional, no better way to start a Tuesday than with some friendly sexual harassment.

  7. says

    Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I’d love a box of goodies. I promise to hot glue the s**t out of everything.

    (How much do I love the word verification, “mankylac”? So much).

  8. says

    OH!! I’d love a goody box! You’ve got some awesome stuff there. Everyone needs a box of crazy stuff to get their creative juices flowing!

  9. says

    My knees gave out when I read this. I’m on your blog as soon as you put up a new post and find you an inspiration when it comes to using new materials. I’d love to see what I could do with some things straight from you. I’ll craft the hell out of that stuff.

  10. says

    send me a box!

    how in the world have you stayed so organized? it’s so pretty just to look at, even.
    thanks for the peek and the possible WIN!.

    p.s. my word verification is “opamb”.
    for some reason, the word verifications sometimes crack me up.

  11. says

    Send me a box! Please!!

    My 5 year old daughter and I love making found object artwork and this box of inspiration would be the perfect starter kit for many, many masterpieces. Here’s hoping…
    All the best,

  12. says

    “send me a box!” yes, yes i would love to win won….what fun to go thru and see and the different things…sort of like garage sales only on a minature basis…

  13. Courtney C. says

    me – me – me – pick me!!!!
    I could totally use a box of goodies for all the crazy ideas that we come up with for our participants in our Adult Day program. And as we are always on a tight (read:non-existant) budget for art /crafts this is totally up our alley :)

  14. Jessica Swafford says

    Send ME a box!!!! Seeing all that rick rack made my heart jump! and, ohh, mermaid sequins! Wow!

  15. says

    What a Fantastic Idea, Send me a Box, I thinking what a great way to get new stuff to get your mojo going and then turn around and get rid of stuff, that might get someone else’s Mojo going.. I will definitely play this forward, rather I win or not..
    Thanks for the Idea. I’ve recently gathered together a box of goodies for a young lady on Freecycle just starting out scrapping and will do it again maybe with a contest such as this in my groups.

  16. Anonymous says

    i would really love to recieve a box ! i am a stay at home mom who is learning to be creative on a tight budget. this suprise would mean the world to me. i would love to share the fun with my daughter. VvHoy@comcast.net is my email.
    kirsten hoy

  17. says

    Please, please, please send me a box! I love reading your blog and I want to say that I way so inspired by your garbage flowers that I have been saving every plastic bottle that I can find to make a garden of my own with my kids this summer. We don’t have a very big yard, but we do have a chain link fence in between my yard and my neighbor’s. Now I have tons of room for a flower garden! We don’t really go through that many plastic bottles in our house much, but I am hoping that once I start putting them out on my fence the neighbors will donate some of theirs too! Thanks for the great ideas!


  18. says

    Golly holly, 82 comments by the time I got here today! Well, I’ll say send me a box, I love buttons and colors and beads, although I love others to put the beads together for me. I have a friend who I would probably give the beads to if I won the giveaway. HOWEVER, I’m way down on the list, so good luck to the others.

    I did something similar a few weeks ago and went through my craft room and gave away some of my rubber stamps. It was hard to part with them, but I know others will enjoy them. I know that is how you are feeling – someone else will benefit from your collective stash and be awed by it. You are a good woman, Peach.

  19. says

    You have such cool junk. It’s funny how appealing someone else’s stuff is …. so pick me … please.

    And as for the alligator – paint him silver and put him next to your most “girliest” flowers. It will look great. Everyone needs a silver alligator.

  20. says

    Another womans’s trash is another woman’s treasure:) Oh please Aunt Peaches SEND ME A BOX!!! There’s some really awesome stuff there.

  21. says

    Oh my goodness. . . I would be the luckiest girl the world to receive a box of your stuff. . . .that would be like HEAVEN! I need to get back into the practice of making just for the joy of making. . . and this would be a perfect start. . . not to mention I know my friends would love it if I shared :P
    Pick me puh-puh-puh-pleeeeeeaseeeeeeeee!

  22. says

    um. wow. I might need some of those lovelies. (don’t tell my boyfriend! He makes little side comments about hoarders. I prefer the term “magpie”)

  23. says

    Aunt (said with an ahhhhnt) Peaches. My Mom is in the Alzheimers ward in Florida. They don’t have much of a budget, but they do make crafts at least twice a week. They love craft foam and I send them easy kits from Michaels and Oriental Trading from time to time. They decorate 8 tables for every holiday, so they would love the Chinese New Year stuff. They also remember rick rack, so that would be good. They really NEED the mermaid sequins. They love to paste. They have about 12 regulars. I would love the plastic alligators. I would make a necklace and wear it to the golf club with my pink Lacoste (dressy for evening) and Lilly skirt. I don’t have a blog yet, so I mentioned you on Junk in my trunk. Does that count? If you send my Mom a box, I will get a box of stuff together in the next three months and pass that along. I have a vintage Cher doll that is missing a hand. I also have a mint, new in the box, Rosie O’Donnell doll that might be worth something, …someday. Pick us, please.!! Ann

  24. says

    Send me a box of awesome goodness. Make sure your kitty rolls around on it all so my kitty can have some fun too! And thanks for sharing your stash.

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