In Defense of Dandelions

*+-Around here, the end of May marks the end of dandelion season. I suppose most people think of them as loathsome *weeds, but between you and me, I think there is something to be said for dandelions. They are splendid. What other cheerful yellow flower can flourish in the crack in the sidewalk? Or spread […]

Happy Weekend

*+-It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the states. Huzzah! The “official” start to summer. Double Huzzah! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the season than a sunny baseball game and great big puffy pretzel, salted so thoroughly it tastes like pool water. Ah, yes, the simple joys of summer. Happy Weekend

Fun with Adhesive: Stuff to Make with Tape!

*+-While researching my little Fun with Adhesive series, I came across a lot of tape related projects that made it into my filing cabinet of ideas. Thought I would share a few of my favorites…. o-o-o-o You like my little gift bag? It’s made from an old envelope and some masking tape. Cute huh? Get […]

Cultural Osmosis

*+-Last Saturday morning, without even thinking, I grabbed a bunch of paper bags, cut some spirals, and went to town wrapping a waffle iron as a bridal shower gift that afternoon (read: I was in a rush and had given up on trying to make a waffle iron look cute). No idea what I was […]

I was going to write a post about duct tape…

*+-I was going to write a post about duct tape, but then I turned on this movie. The post went out the window. I generally don’t blog about books or movies or music or TV, mostly because I don’t consider myself enough of an authority to make a recommendation, however, y’all, this is different.  Dear […]

33 Purple Ladies

*+-I’m usually too lazy to walk to work, but in late Spring, in the heart of blossom time I make the effort. This morning I noticed an unusually high number of blossoming trees in shades of violet, plum and pomegranate. It would be one thing to see two, or three, or four purple blossoming trees…but […]