Thinking in Swatches

Never thought I would get up on the interwebs and sing the praises of teal and gray. Yet here we are, a week after I took this picture, and I’m looking to insert these colors into everything in sight. Last night I started wrapping a butter yellow napkin around to my old green garden hose […]

Dear Tomato Plants

Guess who is going to be getting busy in the dirt this  weekend? I am attempting to compensate for my black thumb by leaving love notes to my garden lovelies. Don’t laugh. It might actually work. Happy Weekend 🙂

The Planter Purse

Raise your hand if you have a kooky neighbor who uses boots and suitcases as planters. Raise your hand if you are the kooky neighbor who uses boots and suitcases as planters. Ah Ha! Thought so. So, I didn’t have any boots around this summer, but this cheapy old teal green faux patent leather purse […]

The Fickle Kitty: For Cats Who Hate Toys

Warning: This post is 90% gratuitous cat photos and 10% craft tutorial for people who enjoy gratuitous cat photos. If you are a dog person, feel free to click away and see what Perez is doing today. Try back again tomorrow. So here is the thing about cat toys: not that many cats like them. […]

A Mermaid Parade for Munchkins

Anyone going to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade this weekend? Lucky you! Although, if you have a munchkin at home like these little ladies, I’m guessing the answer is no. Sadly, despite its name friendly name, the Mermaid Parade isn’t exactly munchkin-friendly. Hello tattooed bearded lady! Did you paint that bikini all by yourself?  So […]

Hello, Inigo Montoya!

Just a mock up. This frame is far too ostentatious.   Good news y’all. I did it. I finally found a place in Mexico that is preserving the fine art of black velvet painting. Their name is, and I’m dead serious here; From Scary Clowns to Republicans ~ The Tijuana Black Velvet Painting Galleriesof Indignico […]