09 June 2011

Hello, Inigo Montoya!

Just a mock up. This frame is far too ostentatious.  
Good news y'all.

I did it.

I finally found a place in Mexico that is preserving the fine art of black velvet painting.

Their name is, and I'm dead serious here; From Scary Clowns to Republicans ~ The Tijuana Black Velvet Painting Galleries
of Indignico Inc.

Because who wants a scary clown to hang in the bathroom? Everyone. That’s who.

Do you really need an oil painting of Dick Cheney over the mantel? Shut up. Of course you do.

And here is the best part: THEY TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS.

For years, and I’m not joking here, I have dreamed of owning a black velvet painting that captures the Latin flair of Inigo Montoya, as portrayed by the award-winning and always effervescent star of stage and screen, Mr. Mandy Patinkin.

Years, y’all. And now it can be mine.

Hello, Inigo Montoya!

UPDATE: Don't bother with that Tijuana place--turns out, the image above is a REAL BLACK VELVET PAINTING! And now it is mine!


  1. Musn't forget the Velveteria in Portland!

  2. omg the collection of mexican unicorns is killing me....ROFL

  3. now the hard part... choosing what to have painted for your custom order.

  4. Brilliant!
    "YOu killed my father.. Prepare to die!"
    That him?

    Love a bit of velvet kitsch!

  5. Wow...that's a bit of interesting information (I'll probably never use) but...just in case. You never know.
    Susan : )

  6. When I was in college, I lived in an old house with 5 other girls. In our living room we had a giant (like 4'x5') portrait of a matador in a huge gold(ish) frame. He wasn't on velvet, but he was swarthy and glorious.

    We bequeathed it to some youngsters and they tossed it in a dumpster. WAAAAHHHHHH! He would be hanging in my house today if I had known that would be his fate.

    I think El Matador and Inigo would have been friends.

    ... Are we related?

  8. Oh, what a fabulous thing to own! I LOVE Inigo Montoya and that line runs through my brain all the time. Now I must think - what would I have custom velveeta-ed? The head spins!

  9. I had to do a double take....Now that is a thing of beauty!!!

  10. GAH The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies, and my best friend (who shares that love) always quotes his famous line. She even recited the "Mah-widdge" monologue in her toast at my wedding LOL!! you can see it at about the 1:49 mark in our highlights video:

  11. My favorite art teacher in high school had a velvet elvis painting. Because, as she puts it, Everyone NEEDS a bit of velvet.

  12. Love Inigo Montoyo, he had to be one of my favorite Princess Bride characters. I lost count how many times I have watched the movie and I have read the book at least 3 times.

  13. Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya. Probably one of my most favourite characters of all time. And you? You will have him for your very own. I would if I could too but the hubs wouldn't never let me. So I will live through you, Peaches. Take good care of him, won't you? Thank you.

  14. Hilarious! "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable." George Costanza, "Seinfeld"

  15. As a mom, I happen to know that Mandy Patinkin played the "bad guy" on Elmo in Grouchland... I didn't know that was Indigo Montoya!!!!!

    Mind. Blown. (yeah it doesn't take much)

    P.S. Dude can SANG!

  16. Hi. Your wish has come true! I painted a velvet of Inigo Montoya that is for sale! Let me know what you think!

    email: bruce@velvetgeek.com

  17. L.
    First I found your blog, then I read it, then I added it to my google reader and now, because of this post-I am commenting.

    Pure awesomeness.


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