Pippi Flamingo Haute Couture

You guys, if you ever get into a Facebook discussion about making the Pippi Longstocking theme song your ringtone, make sure the person on the other end is an expert seamstress, because, if you are lucky, maybe one day she will send you a flamingo dressed as your favorite Swedish childhood folk hero, and then, […]

Oh Lydia, Oh Lydia

Anyone remember this post from last May about a fish sculpture in Takoma Park Maryland? My friend Leah posted the photos of the most amazing bottle cap fish on Facebook a couple years ago and I got obsessed and wanted to make my own…blah blah blah…of course, surprise, I am still working on that project […]

Nature’s Bounty

Okay, so, bounty might not be the most appropriate word here. But let’s be honest; is there anything more rewarding than biting into the first homegrown tomato of the summer? I guess writing that letter paid off.  

Icicles and Wild Flowers

Something about hot weather always gets me dreaming of the cold days of December. I have been known to play Christmas music in July. This is also the season for wild flowers, which I adore, but they never seem to look right when I try to arrange them with other flowers. They refuse to be […]

She Comes in Colors

For anyone who has ever felt old before their time, hush up and watch:   This lovely lady, Ilona Royce Smithkin, is the living embodiment of youth. Optimistic, open minded and living for every moment, she doesn’t give a rip what anybody says or thinks about her appearance. She isn’t wasting time accommodating some aesthetic […]

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Get out and enjoy some sunshine and hot dogs! Somewhere between the smores and the fireworks, if you can, take a moment to read The Declaration of Independence. Preferably out loud and in front of munchkins. With gusto. Not only is it beautifully written, it’s one heck of […]

Happy Birthday to Us

It’s true. Lola has major coffee breath. And yes, it’s also true: I’m proud to say that this this little blog was born one year ago today. Hooray! According to wikipedia, today’s July 1st birthday is shared with Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana and Canada. Note, if you ever want to feel like an uncouth fat […]