Icicles and Wild Flowers

Something about hot weather always gets me dreaming of the cold days of December. I have been known to play Christmas music in July.
This is also the season for wild flowers, which I adore, but they never seem to look right when I try to arrange them with other flowers. They refuse to be tamed! I needed a vessel to hold them solo. A vase with multiple holes does the job, and I just love putting something so summery into something with a wintery look. Makes for good contrast…yin and yang….ice cream and pretzels…icicles and wild flowers 🙂
This project is super easy and requires very little time or talent. Traditional paper mache can get messy (not a bad thing in my book), but you could probably replace that step with a decent layer of tape. 

Send me pictures if you make one of your own!



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    OOOOOH. So BEAuTIFUL! Hee hee, you are such a brilliant weirdo, and this is why I love your projects. What a strange cool vase, Peaches!

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    I’m a fan of Christmas in July (in fact I think I prefer it to the actual one), and what a fitting vase to bring on the cheer. So quirky and lovely Peaches. Your arrangement is amazing!

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    Looks pretty!. I was known or playing xmas music when it started to be really cold, good 2 months ahead. 😉 nice project, thanks for sharing!

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    BEAUTTTTIIIFFFULLLL!!! Can you imagine what it might look like if you put some SQUARE containers in there too??? Really cool. Love it!!!!

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    Very nice idea! Must give this a try someday.
    Thank-you for an enjoyable coffee break read today!


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    Weird, but I like it. I wonder if I used that textured granite paint if it would look like rocks. I can’t try this until my husband and daughter leave the vacation place. They are always checking to see what I am doing. I am going to work on my garbage flowers next week, then sneak them out to the meadow and act like they grew naturally. I am working on columbines, the state flower of Colorado. I am volunteering at a cancer camp in a few weeks, maybe I should half make some garbage flowers to take.!! Ann the word is “noubu” You know you can eliminate this feature, unless you think the Saudis want to hack your blog.

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    Peaches… Absolutely fabulous! Your resulting display of wildflowers is ART. I love paper mache and drippy paint… and so does GirlGrand Aubs. OUR NEXT PROJECT and I’ll send pics, for sure. Thanks. You are such an inspiration. xo

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    What a fantastic vase! You know, this looks like it would actually be a pretty awesome Christmas gift too…..

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    Okay, that is so very cool! I’ll have to remember to try this one out!

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    I always love seeing the cool things you come up with. I am the world’s laziest diy-er but I love doing it vicariously through you. Hope you are having a good summer so far Peaches!

    xo Mary Jo

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    what a great project! my recycle bin is overflowing with opportunities like this!

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    You make the most wacky stuff and this is why I like you so much. Thank you for being wacky.

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