Interview with Leslie of Pampers, Playdates and Parties

I estimate that half the people reading this already have a blog. The other half of you are thinking about starting one. So, as you know (or will know), there are a lot of first time blogging occasions that you never forget…

The first time a stranger leaves a comment
The first time someone leaves a nasty comment
The first time a Big Kid Website mentions your blog
The first time you meet a reader in person
The first time someone emails you and says “Hey you, I have a blog too! Let’s talk about blogging stuff!” …and for me, that person was Leslie.

We have been blog buddies ever since :)

Leslie is a creative spirit, active Mom, and one heck of a party planner! Round about a year ago, she challenged herself to plan twelve events in twelve months—her blog Pampers, Playdates and Parties is an account of those events, the planning, and everything else in between. Her Three Day Death by Chocolate Cake is a must-see, not to mention her Barnyard Doughnut Bites, an entirely MSG-Free 4th of July (harder than you think!), Ruffle Garlandsthe list goes on!

Leslie is starting a series of posts interviewing some of her favorite followers about blogging and party planning– lucky me, I got to be her first :)

Thank you to Leslie for asking me to take part! Click here to read more.



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    Thanks for participating Peaches! You’re definitely on that blogging first list for me! Thanks for all the inspiration over the last several months!

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