Flowering Lampshade for a Flamingo

Kelly and I swapped projects last week: she sent me a Pippi Longstocking Flamingo, I sent her this flowered lampshade. I was thinking my lampshade was pretty neato, but let’s be honest–it’s no Pippi Flamingo!

The project is easy — just glue a bunch of flowers on a lampshade. The hard part is making the flowers, and lucky, that part is easy too! If you have followed this blog for a while,you have probably already seen them before (you might even be sick of them, sorry!) …click here and here and here for my directions on how to make coffee filter flowers at home 🙂
Thanks again to Kelly for signing up to swap. This was too much fun!  
Update: By popular request, here is the scoop on the thatched paper wall and the pillow featured above. 


  1. says

    Love the lampshade, but I need details about that throw pillow. Please and thank you.

  2. says

    The lampshade is WONDERFUL. Just think, during the winter, when snow is on the ground, it will keep hope that spring is right around the corner! And yes, that pillow is rather cool! Love it! It would make a beautiful purse too!!! need to know how to make that too…

  3. says

    GAH that is awesome!!! I adore your coffee filter flowers but have yet to make any… I gotta get on that! I’ve also been looking for a way to update the old and stained lamp shade on a lamp I have that was previously belonged to my parents. I grew up with this thing, I love it. I love Lamp 😉 This might be the update it needs!

  4. Anonymous says

    Double on above. I want the story on the pillow.
    lamp is cute too.

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    These colors, oooh – what a glorious cylinder of floral fun! Also: amazeballs photo styling. Thou rocketh!

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    Ah, I love it! Reminds me of Mexican paper flowers – super festive! I’m thinking about doing something with a large framed mirror, and this is on the candidate’s list!

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    i JUST saw this post! i need to say for the world to see: my lamp is BEAUTIFUL. it brings me so much joy to look at. i love it, peaches!

  8. says

    This lamp is abosultely splendid!!! such a great idea! if I made one using cardboard (as I dont have a spare lampshade to use) do you think it would catch alight? I can’t wait to make one!

    Also I’m new to blogging and I wrote a post about this lampshade, I linked to this page but I wasn’t sure if I had to contact you? Thanks heaps 🙂

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    I love your lampshade! though the flamingo is pretty darn awesome as well!

  10. says

    Love the shade, but let’s talk about that book pages wall behind it! I need the wide angle, it’s awesome!

  11. says

    How beautiful! Can you tell us where the bias tape is from? Can’t wait to make a bunch of flowers of my own.


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