It’s the Little Things

Look, if I have to box up and label everything in my possession, it may as well be cute, no? And, the movers are going to be so impressed when they see these precious labels! (Five bucks says that’s the first time anyone has ever put movers and precious in the same sentence).

Making something as fussy as moving labels might seem frivolous, but it’s the little things that make the process fun. Plus, now I have an endless supply blank stickers to use on fun things like gifts and stationary. These are so nifty, I can’t stand it! And as long as I was printing them for myself, I uploaded the PDF so you can have some too. Click here to print.

Note: I designed these Ikat labels to be compatible with multiple brands and label sizes. I’m using Avery 5163, but you can use any size as long as there is a center seam (ie two labels across).

Note: Some desktop printers will add a white border around the edgeconsult your manufacturer’s manual.


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    You are such a nice person, Peaches. Also, your stickers rock! It IS the little things!

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    Those are incredibly adorable…and just gave me an amazing idea. Thanks again for adding to my to-do list! (btw, some movers are adorable…they just might also be useless!)

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    I want to print one, label it “BEST PURCHASE EVER” and stick it to my screen next to your black velvet acquisition. I love your blog. And these labels. =) I’ll be linking.

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    Great idea – these came out beautifully! I like how you designed these w/ bold, full stripes so they can work on any label size. Definitely bookmarking to share w/ my readers. Thank you!

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