04 August 2011

So who’s bringing the salsa?

The world is divided into two different types of people:
  1.  People who buy bags of tortilla chips.
  2.  People who make their own.
The rift is wide. Deep. Controversial, you might even say.

Some folks would never dream of frying things in their home because it’s messy and gross and makes them feel like they are living in a fast food restaurant; while some folks wouldn’t be caught dead buying a six-month-old bag of chemical laden and crispified chips in the store when they can make their own with a 39cent bag of tortillas and a quality, heart healthy oil.

It’s not hard to tell which group I belong to.

Question is, who’s bringing salsa?



  1. What about those of us who buy the bag of Masa Harina to make our own tortillas? Granted, I haven't tried frying them into chips yet, but you keep going down that road and end up further and further into awesometown...

  2. Yummy...!!!
    I love homemade tortilla chips.
    Not always in the mood to cook them up, but they to taste better :]
    And sure... I'll bring over the salsa any day!


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