Veruca’s Wallpaper

Original images via Payton Turner. Click here to see more!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeep! I KNOW RIGHT?  Is this not the most amazing thing you have EVER SEEN?!
So. Flippin. Cool.  It’s from a 2009 multi-media exhibition by Brian Kaspr and Payton Turner. I’m so sad I never got to see it in person, although, it’s probably just as well since the whimsy factor in the room would have spun my head clear off my shoulders.

Reminds me of the scene from Willy Wonka where they all go licking the fruity wallpaper and Wonka says, Try some more. The strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries! 
And Veruca says, Snozzberries? Who ever heard of a snozzberry? 
So Wonka looks down at her and goes, We are the music makers…and we are the dreamers of dreams.
Well go ahead Willy Wonka, just go ahead and blow my mind with your fruit-filled nuggets of Buddhist wisdom why don’t you. See if I cry. You’ll see.
And can we just talk about Veruca Salt? Has there ever been a cooler pre-pubescent villain. No. No there hasn’t.

This wallpaper reminds me of everything…of my grandmother’s dining room…of Victorian grandeur…of Trapper Keepers and pencil boxes…of happy days spending lunch breaks in the schoolyard swapping stickers with my friend Heather (yes, we were Sticker Nerds, thank you)…and now I’m wondering what I did with all those stickers? They were too precious to put on my binders like the other kids…what did I do with them? Where is that shoe box? How am I going to make this ridiculously awesome wallpaper at home WITHOUT THAT SHOE BOX?

And this, my friends, is why I hoard things.


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    Awesome! I, too, had stickers I felt to valuable to use on paper. I too, lost most of them, though recently stumbled across some scratch and sniff spearmint stickers with a silly stick of gum wearing a baseball hat! I recognize some of the stickers from the installation, too, like the polar bears and rainbows and kittens … oh my!

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    holy shit, that is brilliant. it makes me want to cuss.

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    aaaand i just READ your post and saw that it’s stickers. i had TWO vinyl picture albums chock full of stickers… i think they might still be at my mom’s house.

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    I still have my blue folder full of stickers to precious to use. My mom found it when they moved recently and suggested I give it to my son who loves stickers. But what if he puts them in the wrong places?

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    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep and I’ll raise you a squeeeee! So incredibly beautiful and weird. Two of my favorite things.

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    Peaches! Eeep! Not only is the wallpaper mind-pingingly awesome; but the quote, the one from Mr. W Wonka, is a line from a poem (that I love). Perfect-storm-of-good-stuff ahoy!

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    This entire post just made my brain explode from bliss! Or OCD. Sometimes I can’t tell them apart.

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    are you kidding me?!! that is sheer joy, isn’t it?

    i had a fruit sticker collection which I’d decorated a wall with in our previous home but it was pathetic compared to THIS!!! THIS is brilliant! THIS is art dear Peaches!

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    AMAZING!!!! Think of the time spent on that, in lovelingly collecting the stickers, in putting it together JUST SO…oh WOW! THIS is why we collect odds and ends. Yessirree!

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    Thanks for featuring this (here from Art Fire’s tweet). I think I’ll have to watch Willy Wonka again. *smile*

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    Man…I was peeved that they omitted lick-able wallpaper in the most recent catcf film. I used to dream of that stuff for hours on end when i was little!

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    GUYS guys guys guys omg noooooo…
    this is not a beautiful nugget of wisdom from mister wonka. it is roald dahl being a slightly pervy asshole. a snozzberry is an old british slang term for a penis. the fact that wonka uses that quote is even worse and alludes to wonka being even more of a creep than even johnny depp played him as.

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