So Cute I Want To Pinch His Little Blow Hole

Please excuse the crude self portrait above. In all the excitement, I forgot to put on lipstick. Ooops!

Newsflash: HSN is having a major sale on their Jonathan Adler collection. Wonder of wonder! Miracle of miracles!

These happy, blue striped bud vases came home with me a while ago and I can’t tell you how they make me smile. Most of Jonathan Adler’s pottery is way out of my price range, so I felt particularily proud of myself for scoring such a bargain….but now, whoa, the price was slashed even further! Think I’ll pick up a few more in gold and split them up as holiday gifts.

Note To Friends Who Swap Holiday Gifts With Me: pretend you did not read this.

Note To Everyone: This is not a sponsored post.  I just like being the bearer of good news. And stripes. And a ceramic whale diffuser so cute I want to pinch his little blow hole.


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    Peaches, you gotta be kidding me – I have another tab open with THIS website, and my virtual cart filled with the menagerie candles, to keep in my gift stash – they’re only $10 apiece!! As I was waiting for the checkout screen to load, I pop over here and HOLY WOAH, you’ve beat me to it! 😀

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    Missed your birthday post and it was closed to further comments, by the time I wandered in. Happy Belated. And safe, rewarding move. Cool studio… looking forward to seeing what’s next. N

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    Bwahhaha, I was reading your title and the first sentence or two on my blog reader…I thought you had written a post about wanting to pinch Jonathan Adler’s…oh, my god. I am such a weirdo. I love the actual content of this post, but it somehow doesn’t measure up to my original assumption.

    (The hilarious part is, I can totally picture you writing such a post!)

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