This Week: Goody Bag Giveaways

Dahlia Flower Gift Bags made from cupcake liners, November 2010
It’s my birthday this week (woot!)
Instead of receiving presents, I’m giving them away (double woot!)
Every day this week I am giving away a Goody Bag; one day might be a bundle of new items provided by a generous sponsor, the next day might be a collection of delicately curated treasures from my very own crafty closet…you’ll just have to wait and see. There will be a new Goody Bag every day this week, Monday through Friday (that’s five times the woot!)
Please note: This is not a gimmick to generate more followers or push products down everyone’s throat. I’m just sharing the love. I am fortunate enough to have hoarded collected a whole cupboard full of creative items that need good homes: your home. So sign up!
Winners will be announced 8am CST Monday, September 26, 2011


  1. says

    Aw, happy birthday Peaches! Today is my cousin’s birthday, so it must be a good week to celebrate! Hope you have your fill of cake and ice cream in between gift wrapping. ;)

  2. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday to you!!!! My birthday is this week, too . . . on the 22nd. I would love to win a goodie bag!
    Debbie Rho

  3. says

    Happy Birthday!!! I love reading your blog, I did my entryway covered in book pages just like yours! I love it and I give you the credit when people ask where I got the idea.
    Thanks for the chance to win a give away and for your blog!

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh happy birthday! Your so kind! Thanks for giving away stuff to people who would really love to have it! I hope you have a great birth week!


  5. Anonymous says

    My favorite Halloween costume was The Pacific Ocean ~ a blue satin sheet with many, many toy fishes, ships and boats, rubber ducks, fishnet, Barbie and Ken in swimsuits, etc. glued and pinned all over it. I did not wear it. Some guy with long hair and a beard and sandals did.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hippo Birdie Tucan Yak!
    Hippo Birdie Tucan Yak!
    Hippo Birdie Dear Aunt Peachessssss!
    Hippo Birdie Tucan Yakkkkk!

    Hope it’s the best birthday yet.

  7. Heather L :) says

    Happy Birthday :) I liked how autumn the gift bags themselves look, seeing as today is the first day of Autumn.

    @HeatherDionne on twitter :)

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