Well now we know how I’ll be spending the weekend.

That’s right folks.

And they dance.
Like Santa Claus.
But hairier.
Well, now we know how I’ll be spending the weekend.



  1. says

    LOVE THEM!!! Now, will you get just one, like Lulu or them all??? I love how they all interact! How cool. I’ve just seen the ones they have at Christmas where they play Christmas music, not hooked up like a speaker. This is great. ENJOY!!!

  2. pbandj says

    This will be a perfect gift for my sister, who likes quirky gifts. Who am I kidding? I’ll be getting one for myself too!

  3. says

    That’s so hilarious! They would probably freak out both the cat and my daughter…but I can certainly appreciate them!

  4. says

    I NEED to get one of these dog speakers. It would drive my dogs wild! Are you packing yet? Ann

  5. says

    Wow this seems indispensable, the kind of thing that might send a real cat into a jealous rage with the need to kill this. I’m speaking only of my own cat of course. Very tempting!

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