Happy Halloween!

Muppet fever made its way into the pumpkin patch. Cute huh? Must give credit where it is due — this idea came from my wonderful friend Ann, who sent me a photo of a Muppet pumpkin from years ago (see the original featured above with her beautiful children, mom and friend, decked out for some […]

Serious Bling: Tatooine Style

I try not to follow my blog stats very closely, but certain readership trends have come to my attention.  For whatever reasons, this blog appears to be especially popular with: People named Kate. People who used to live in Germany. People who are men (apparently 1 in 4 of y’all are dudes, but none of […]

Liberace Pumpkins

My love of Liberace is no secret. I mean, let’s face it: the man knew how to dress. I always try to weave some Liberace flair into my holiday decorations, but this year with all the stores vamping up the jingle factor so early in the season, well, I can’t help weaving Liberace into Halloween […]

This crap never happened to Snoopy.

As someone who has been packing and unpacking, cleaning and painting since, oh, what feels to be the dawn of time, I was really looking forward to a weekend in the country. Kiki and I drove halfway to Iowa for some autumn fun on a farm that promised glorious apple picking, hayrides, and best of […]

Zombie Lanterns, Hayo!

Know what I love? Kittens. Sunshine. Chocolate Ice cream. Zombies. Yes indeed, zombies and zombie heads are rad in general, but these crafty-as-a-beaver Zombie Lanterns are the best. And so easy to make. Just get a rubber mask of your favorite deposed political leader, spray paint their face, strap it over a pumpkin, and BLAMO […]

Happy Weekend

This is the first weekend in ages that will not be devoted to packing or unpacking. What on Earth am I going to do with all this extra time?  I was thinking about making Lola a Halloween costume, but  then I saw THIS. Maybe I should try to make her a house. After all, now […]


1. 2. 3.4. I have spent 25 years longing for an orange sofa. Not rust. Not pumpkin. Orange. And now I own one. Actually, I ordered one. It will arrive in a few weeks. If I make it that long. The waiting is killing me. Let me tell you, as someone who rarely spends more […]

It was pretty much amazing

So I was googling around the internet searching for “Fake cake suppliers” and somehow I stumbled into this… Whoa!  I know, scary right? I’m in love with them. They are part of Cakeland, an art exhibition by Oakland based artist, Scott Hove. Simply put, “The sculptures have all of the appeal of the best cake […]

The Littlest Lion Costume

I made Abigail a Lion costume to wear this year. Technically speaking, I was trying to make a Lola costume for her, but the fabric retailers of North America put a ban on butterscotch colored polar fleece (seriously, what up with that? Joann, Michael: I am talking to you.) ….at the end of the day […]

The mothership calling me home

***NEWS FLASH*** Just found out I now live less than five miles from a plastic flamingo manufacturer. So, really, this last move was just the mother ship calling me home. Their website has all sorts of interesting information about flamingos. Ahem, did you know… The Flamingo has little or no sense of smell. The Flamingo […]