19 October 2011

It was pretty much amazing

So I was googling around the internet searching for "Fake cake suppliers" and somehow I stumbled into this...

Whoa!  I know, scary right?

I'm in love with them.

They are part of Cakeland, an art exhibition by Oakland based artist, Scott Hove. Simply put, "The sculptures have all of the appeal of the best cake you have ever tasted, but can never be eaten."

I love most anything that taps into the whole push-n-pull feeling. I'm lured in by the confection and repelled by the teeth...it's beauty and ugly at the same time..chalk and cheese...pretzels and ice cream....oh my god I love it. Make it stop. They also sort of remind me of my old Choir master --she wore lots of pink and bows and had some crazyass teeth. It was pretty much amazing.   

Source: All images courtesy of the artist via High Fructose


  1. The teeth scare me, but maybe a beaver or a porcupine would be just as interesting. Ann

  2. we saw an exhibit by this guy last year in LA! so bizarre.

  3. They remind me a little of the cakes at the Erotic Bakery in Seattle, but those are made to be eaten, and have genitals instead of teeth.

  4. Ewww cake that can eat you!? The creep factor on steriods!! Then I wished I hadn't read Willow's comment.....Erotics with teeth ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  5. Is anyone else flashing back to the "birth" scene in Alien?

  6. Wow. Those are...definitely different. What did you first think when you stumbled on them? I must show these to James Bond because he will never believe me.

    BTW, I know how you likes the fancy hats. I'm giving away and amazing fascinator today on my blog. It would look FAB on you. Come on over and enter.

  7. It’s the tongue that gets me!

  8. I don't know if you'll get comments at this late date, but I love these! As an Oaklander I am now dutybound to hunt down the artist.


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