The Littlest Lion Costume

I made Abigail a Lion costume to wear this year. Technically speaking, I was trying to make a Lola costume for her, but the fabric retailers of North America put a ban on butterscotch colored polar fleece (seriously, what up with that? Joann, Michael: I am talking to you.) ….at the end of the day I settled for traditional yellow and brown. Two hours later, a lion was born. Rawr!

Since Abby lives in Sarasota Springs, NY, I will not have the pleasure of photographing her wearing it in person. Still, you get the idea. No tutorial here either — if you are a crafty type you can probably tell how it was made just by looking at the photo. And if not, stock up on some hot glue and a good pair of scissors then check out this link from National Geographic.

Okay, okay, okay. Maybe they aren’t twins. But the resemblance is staggering, no? So cute!


  1. says

    Rawr! That is so fluffy and feline, I love it! Be sure to show us a pic of her waering it!

  2. Sheri says

    Very cute!! I have an 8 year old who is crazy about lions & he recently asked me for a lion head hat…I’m going to do this to one of his hoodies (just the head) for him. He’s gonna love this!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. says

    Adorable and comfortable for a cold fall evening…perfect toddler gear!

  4. says

    So cute! I think you have a future in costume design. The stores usually have a lot of fleece and felt right before Christmas, so you could stock up for next year. I think your niece lives in Saratoga Springs, Ny not Sarasota Spring. You must be tired from your commute to the almost suburbs! When are you going to talk her into being a flamingo? I was always at the mercy of my mother. In kindergarten she dressed me in a yellow slicker and rain hat and made me carry a box of crackers. I was the Uneeda Biscuit Boy. In first grade I had to wear a Japanese kimono sent from Japan from my uncle. She made me a wig out of my father’s black socks. It was one sock that fit on the top of my head very tightly. She attached other socks braided to it so I looked like a chinese man. It was so tight I couldn’t see. In our village in Western Massachusetts, the whole school met the night before Halloween. Each class had to go on stage to show their costumes. I went on stage, couldn’t see, and walked right off the stage into the audience. The next year I got to pick my costume. Ann

  5. says

    Haha! A sock wig is a brilliant idea! Have you heard about this ‘sock bun’ trend where girls wrap their hair around a sock to make it stick up? Apparently it’s a Snooky thing.

    And thanks, btw –Saratoga SpringS indeed!

  6. says

    Abby is right next door to two of my Baby Grands and only two hours from us! Put us on your itinerary, when you next visit. LOVE the LION! Precious. My youngest won a prize for a jester costume I’d made him, many moons ago. In the car, on the way home, he handed it to me and said, “Mommy, this is really yours, ’cause you made the costume for me.” G-d. Time flies, but those precious memories are forever intact. Now, please excuse me; I’m going to whip up a sock wig. Thanks, Nutbird. Great fun, as always, Auntie Peaches. xo

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