This crap never happened to Snoopy.

As someone who has been packing and unpacking, cleaning and painting since, oh, what feels to be the dawn of time, I was really looking forward to a weekend in the country. Kiki and I drove halfway to Iowa for some autumn fun on a farm that promised glorious apple picking, hayrides, and best of all, a real live pumpkin patch! No, not a pumpkin patch in the grocery store parking lot; a real pumpkin patch where the pumpkins grow on the vine. The kind where Snoopy and Charlie Brown would have found The Great Pumpkin

The pumpkin patch was barren. The apple orchards were empty. And the hay ride had no hay.

I’m telling you, this crap never happened to Snoopy. 


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    Well that stinks! You listened to those Wisconsin cows, didn’t ya? Next time listen to this Porcine Princess and head East young woman, head East. Here in Northeast PA we would show you a good time with everything you were expecting and Miss Lola would be welcomed with open arms too!

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    Or head Northeast to Michigan. I got royally lost in a kid-sized corn maze today. The fresh baked apples were worth it though.

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    Oh you poor thing!

    It’s a crappy crappy thing to happen to a nice person just craving for some rest in the country. So sorry you couldn’t enjoy your weekend farm activities but I’d say those lying sons of a gun in the farm deserve a lesson!

    However, admiring those Halloween posts with scary stuff! 🙂 Myself was so busy these days sewing costumes that I needed a little laugh over a zombie hand and a zombie lantern hanging on someone’s porch.

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    im sorry but im so laughing here. on all the blos I saw those too pretty to be true patches and your post is just so funny! I hope you found some other patch and weren’t too disappointed

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    Wow! I knew the crop was bad this year…but that’s horrible! The grocery store patch definitely has it’s merits sometime. Hope you were able to have some other fun!

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    This is tragic! What a sad trip it must have been. I love pumpkins. I had some pumpkin plants in my garden this year. They only produced four small pumpkins, but I was excited. I also want to buy a pumpkin every time I see one, so everytime I’m at the grocery store, I have to practice self control, which is hard.

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